Try Flame On – by The Farm’s Meat Market

Flame On! No, we are not talking about Johnny Storm a.k.a Human Torch member of the superhero quartet, Fantastic Four. Flame On – by The Farm’s Meat Market is an online shop that sells ready to cook meals.

They offer the following:

  • Barbeque (5pcs) – Php120 *UP Beach House recipe
  • Longganisa Burger (480g) – Php140 *Best seller
  • Longganisa Hamonado Original (8pcs) – Php150 *Best seller
  • Pork Tapa (450g) – Php160
  • Pork Tocino (500g) – Php150
  • Pork Sisig (500g) – Php180

Please take note that I purchased the products I am featuring. I discovered their store during the quarantine, which is a great help. Our village instilled a curfew; not to mention, most shops were closed.


Going back, I was able to buy and try all their products except the barbeque. For the rest of the products, I can say that they are delicious. Some are quite sweet like the Longganisa Burger. If you like that, then you will love this patty when you make burgers at home.

Pork Tocino (500g) – Php150

They are also easy to cook. But my favourites are the Longganisa Hamonado and the Pork Sisig.

The Longanisa Hamonado is perfect with garlic rice. You can also make a Longganisa Omelette for breakfast! For the Pork Sisig, nothing beats the classic. Cook it in a pan then crack a raw egg over the mixture and add a few drops of calamansi. Or, top with a sunny side up before serving.


Longganisa Hamonado Original (8pcs) – Php150 *Best seller
Pork Sisig

The only problem I encountered is the packaging of the Longganisa Burger. Have you seen those burgers sold in round plastic containers? Each patty is wrapped in parchment paper (if I am not mistaken) or has a layer of parchment paper in between. They also have that here; however, it does not work very well as it sticks to the patties. Separating it can become laborious.

That is only for that product. The rest are packaged and contained well. Would you like to try their products? Please send them a DM here:

#SupportYourLokal #LoveLocal #SupportLocal #ProudlyPinoy

Happy cooking and eating!

FLAME ON – Quezon City ☆☆☆☆/5

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