Gon, The Little Fox | JFF Plus: Online Festival 2020 Review

Like the films in the Cinemalaya 2020, the JFF Plus: Online Festival film selections also captured my heart. But there is one film from the latter that pierced it.

After watching it, I kept questioning myself why I choose to click that one first from all the films available that day. That entry is called Gon, The Little Fox, a stop motion animation by Takeshi Yashiro.


Takeshi Yashiro – Stop Motion Animation

Synopsis – When Gon, a playful orphaned fox, finds that young Hyoju has lost his mother, he tries to comfort him and make amends for his own earlier mischiefs by secretly bringing small gifts to the boy every day. But Hyoju doesn’t realize who is behind the anonymous gifts, and the two are headed for a heartbreaking climax.

The Review

The animation started with our main character Hyoju crouched down and waiting for the perfect moment to hit a fox. But being the kind person he is, he purposely misses the shot giving the fox a chance to run away. The elderly accompanying him reprimands him and hoped that he didn’t intentionally miss it.

The way I see it, Hyoju is torn. He understands what the elderly said to him. “We take life for a reason. We have to kill, for us to live.” It is indeed part of our system. But how to do it and when to stop are questions that are difficult to answer.

Hyoju doesn’t know it either; however, he keeps his mother’s wise words to his heart. “You can stay as you are. My soft-hearted Hyoju.” He sure did. But towards the end, he made a mistake. His mind took over his kind heart erasing possibilities. But I think it was the kind of fault that when taken to heart will help lead you to the right path. Healing may take some time though.

Now, why did this short stop motion animation pierce my heart? I think the synopsis is a dead giveaway. How the film was put together and leading the viewers on was the breaking point.

You see, this stop motion animation is quite intricate. The breathing, the raindrops and the spider-lily season are beautiful. Add in the emotions brought by the storytelling gives joy as well as sadness that pierces through. The ending makes you question life and everything you’ve done.

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