Icy Madness: Avocado Crumble Monster Ice Cream Pie

A few days ago, we were searching for a dessert to enjoy on my birthday slash my blog’s 7th anniversary. I love cake, ice cream, pie or anything sweet. Then we stumbled upon Icy Madness!

No, not an icy madness or the unfriendly kind but the sweet kind which you will love. Icy Madness is a shop that offers Monster Milkshake Premium Ice Cream Pies. Yes, ICE CREAM PIES which comes in five flavours:

  • Avocado Crumble
  • Coffee Almond Crunch
  • Crazy Smores
  • Oreo Choco Overload
  • Ultimate Ube Cheese

I chose the first one. The Avocado Crumble consists of delicious layers – a cookie Graham crust, Avocado ice cream topped with white chocolate disc and cashew.

Here’s a closer look!

The overall taste of this Avocado Crumble is perfect. The level of sweetness, the flavour; not to mention, the amount of each layer compliments each other. I honestly can’t wait to try the other flavours which remind me Icy Madness also offers Monster Milkshake Premium Ice Cream Pints. They have:

  • Green Avocado Smash
  • Bubblegum Pop
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Coffee Cookie Madness
  • Chunkie Cookie Dough

Would you like to give these a try? You can message them at:

Happy eating!

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