Clari says, “Happy 7 Years of Blogging!”

Today is my birthday, but most importantly, my blog is also celebrating its 7th anniversary! Instead of the typical posts I make, I decided to share seven random things.

I started posting on my Instagram (ClariSays) account on November 16. If you haven’t followed me, please do. I share numerous food and film-related posts there. In this post, I will share everything. I hope you find my stories amusing and funny.

Honestly, I have forgotten all these. But because of my “Seven Random Things: A Birthday/Anniversary post” idea, I had to look back. I was worried at first. But the moment I remembered these stories, I became happy.

Number 1: I love coffee, and I need to drink a cup before I can do any task. Though I enjoy 3 in 1 coffee because of its affordability and ease of preparation, I do also enjoy brewed coffee! I use a French Press which is the simplest brewing method or make a cold brew coffee perfect for summer! Yes, it can get bitter; however, I am someone who can eat a bar of Lindt Excellence 85% Cacao.

Number 2: During my college days, I was able to write a few scripts for our film projects. I was full of inspiration back then, so pitching ideas and writing came easy. But due to my illness, I couldn’t pursue the job I wanted. I ended up being a magazine reporter, which is good. Whenever there’s a film or any related assignment, our editor-in-chief would give it to me. But due to a new illness, I had to give up again. Thankfully, I found a job in a different field which led me back to the thing I love. Thus, was born! 🙂

Number 3: I can watch the “Skywalker Saga”, “The Infinity Saga” and Coco (2017) over and over; but the first two films that awakened my interest are Casper (1995) and Matilda (1996). I remember I watched these films in the cinema almost the entire day. I was with my godmother (ninang in Filipino) on both film screenings. When I told her I wanted to watch it again, she let me. Thus, we spent the entire day at the cinema! 🙂

Number 4: I was once assigned to cover an event, a wine festival in Hong Kong. Though I don’t drink, I was not worried because we already knew what I need to write and I reviewed the programs available on that three-day event, so I know which ones I’m attending.

But one day, I decided to drop by the exhibit to find a specific booth. You see, I have had a strong love for lavenders ever since I saw photos of lavender fields in Provence in an in-flight publication. I searched for the booth. When I saw pictures of that beautiful field around the booth, I tried to take a picture but failed. Not because someone stopped me, but the owner saw me and offered me a glass of rosé wine. It was lovely. After our conversation (which ended to be an interview), he handed me a postcard with dried lavender flowers. 🙂

Number 5: Besides ClariSays, I also manage Clari Captures. It is where I share random photos I took on the street, the latest item in my collection and of course, more food photos. You see, it’s my dream to own a proper camera. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, just right. Last year, I was able to find one that I like, it’s the Canon EOS 1500D. It’s a simple camera perfect for someone like me.

Number 6:  I don’t have a favourite colour, but people who know me will tell you otherwise. They’ll say I’m attracted to purple or violet hues. The truth is, I only said that because in my friend circle, there are seven of us. Each has a different choice. To complete the ROYGBIV, I decided to go with the missing one. 🙂 I actually like black, the main reason my logo is such.

“Black is the darkest colour, the result of the absence or complete absorption of visible light. It is an achromatic colour, a colour without hue, like white and grey. It is often used symbolically or figuratively to represent darkness.”

Number 7: launched on November 19, 2013. I’ve been blogging before this and was writing under a different username. That time I blogged about every topic, some of which I didn’t care. Instead of feeling fulfilled, I was often confused and stressed. So I took a break and questioned my intentions for creating a blog.

When I finally decided on a fresh start, it took me almost a year to fix everything. Since it was nearing November, I decided to launch it on my birthday, a birthday gift I will treasure forever. Cheers to seven years. 🙂

P.S Thank you, dear reader, for being with me and I hope you will continue supporting me.

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  1. a happy happy birthday to you then!

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