Need Bread? Order From Family Panaderia Co. Today!

I was randomly browsing the Foodpanda app on my smartphone a couple of days ago. The reason is I did not want to wait four more hours to buy a loaf of bread. You see, our village has a curfew since the start of ECQ. We decided not to remove it as part of the new normal. Thus, I decided to try if there is a shop that delivers in our area.

While browsing, I stumbled upon a shop called Family Panaderia Co. It is a newly opened panaderia, or bakery in English, that offers homemade and fresh bread daily. I wasn’t familiar with them, which led me to do a little Googling and found their social media pages.

Family Panaderia Co. offers a selection of bread from loaf bread to Spanish bread, Cheesy Emsaymada and more. For my first order, I chose the loaf bread (Php 45) and four pieces of  (Php 60). Ordering and the delivery via Foodpanda were swift.

Now onto the product!

Bread, bread, bread

Family Panaderia Co.’s loaf bread is soft and delicious while those Cheesy Milky Donuts are a delight! When we finished the loaf bread a couple of days after, we again ordered from them.

Besides the loaf bread, I also tried their classic mini Banana Bread (2pcs/ Php 40). It sure is mini but packed with flavours. I hope they have a load soon on Foodpanda so we can eat it again the next day.

A couple of days after, I again ordered the loaf bread and also got four pieces of Spanish Bread (Php 40) and two pieces of Cheesy Ensaymada (Php 40). Their Spanish bread is a decent-sized bread that is soft and delicious. The Cheesy Ensaymada; on the other hand, is indeed cheesy, fluffy, and flavourful.

Would you like to try? You can find them on Foodpanda, if not, here are the links to their socials! Go and send them a DM today!

Family Panaderia Co.

Happy eating and always support your lokal!

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