Thoughts on Dr. Cutie (2020)

It took me a while to get over the last Chinese drama I watched. I honestly haven’t gotten over it yet but at least I was able to find a lighthearted series to keep me company. It’s called “Dr. Cutie”, a 2020 series that aired from January 18 to February 12 with a total of 28 episodes.

Dr. Cutie

Comedy, Drama, History | TV Series (2020)
28 Episodes

Shen Zhao Er is the sole surviving relative of a powerful public servant who was framed and convicted of poisoning a royal consort – a crime he did not commit. Both he and his family were sentenced to death – but Shen Zhao Er managed to escape harm.

Now, seven years later, she is out for revenge.

In the time since her family’s death, she has trained to become a talented medic and disguises herself as a physician named Tian Qi to gain access to the royal court.

She proves exceptionally talented in her role and is selected to become the private doctor to the fiancée of the General. General J, however, finds himself strangely drawn to this new face at court.

But goings-on at the imperial court is never straightforward. Secretive cabals execute dastardly plans, and a series of murders means she must be ever-vigilant.

Will Shen Zhao Er bring the evil public servants who framed her father to justice? And can she survive the intrigue and scheming at court?

What a long synopsis, right? It is from; however, I did a little tweaking. Still, I feel that is enough for everyone to understand the story. Though it looks complicated at first glance, it is a lighthearted drama.

The Review

There is a comedy which is not the silly type. There is also romance which is quite lovely. And though there is a tragedy, it is not that dark because all the characters are self-actualised; not to mention, fast when making decisions in the name of justice.

I like that last part, to be honest. The main male leads know who their enemy is that is why they do not hesitate to make a move. However, the series still had some shortcomings.

Though the pace in this drama is just right, probably because they only have a total of 28 and after the 23rd episode everything feels rushed. Too rushed to the point that they downplayed some details.

For instance, after learning that Tian Qi is Shen Zhao Er, her character was not as strong and as determined as depicted in the early episodes. Though she was in danger many times before, she still had the will. Just because she can now be herself, does not mean she has to look weak. I guess I miss the witty and strong-willed Tian Qi.

Another thing that got me thinking is the antagonist or the real villain. It is essential to understand that “Dr. Cutie” has intertwining plots revolving around the main characters. We have Shen Zhao Er a.k.a Tian Qi and her past, General J and his family (Ji family) as well as the Ji family’s enemy, a clan in Dong Mountain Village who started a rebellion several years ago. Despite the conflicts presented, it is not easy to determine who the main antagonist is.

It frustrated me a little bit because the remaining heir of the clan from Dong Mountain Village seems to be cunning and dangerous. He plans well; unfortunately, the Ji half brothers – Ji Heng (General J) and Ji Zheng were more than he can take. They are smarter, faster and do not hesitate to protect. But by episode 27 that is when I realised there is something underneath.

Though Shen Zhao Er who disguised as a man is the main focus, I uncovered the Queen’s karma. The Dong clan is just a little external bump for the Ji family. The internal problem; on the other hand, is the Queen’s past decisions.

As per this drama and other dramas, people were quick to dismiss and take lives during those times. The Queen was the reason for the death of Shen Zhao Er’s family as well as the death of Ji Zheng’s mother. The remaining heir of the Dong clan used the situation to his advantage which of course, was not enough for him to be considered the villain.

I still could not point out who it is. I am starting to think there is no main antagonist as each character did something bad at some point. I guess “Dr. Cutie” truly is a rom-com, one that has a fast and straightforward plot which I enjoyed. “Dr. Cutie” is the perfect series after watching a heavy drama with 50 episodes. 7/10 IMDB | MyDramaList

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