UNBOXING & Quick Look: Samsung Galaxy A11

We’ve been a Globe subscriber for years with the Globe At Home as the first service we availed. Then after a few months, we received a call and was offered a postpaid plan. Back then, the most affordable one was Plan 499. This postpaid plan came with a phone and a tablet.

But those were the days. If I’m not mistaken, the lowest now is Plan 599 that usually only comes with a phone. And since the time to renew our plan came, we decided to avail Plan 799 and chose the Samsung Galaxy A11 FREE cash out.

Take note that this is just a quick look at the new Samsung Galaxy A11. Give me time to use the device fully and give my thoughts.

Samsung Galaxy A11

The Samsung Galaxy A11 is a budget Android smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics. Released on May 1, 2020, Samsung Galaxy A11 is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy A10.

A11 sports a 6.4-inch Infinity-O Display, a wide aspect ratio that fills your screen with content from edge to edge. It also has a triple camera which consists of a 5MP Ultra Wide Camera with a 115-degree field of vision like the human eye, a 13MP (F1.8) camera for bright, clear photos all day as well as a 2MP Depth Camera for adjusting the depth of field.

For the front camera, the Galaxy A11 features an 8MP camera with a Live focus making your selfie stand out. Moreover, the Galaxy A11 has a 4,000mAh battery giving you the power to stream, share and play.

Now let’s talk about the internal features of the Galaxy A11. This smartphone runs on Android 10 and has fast processing as well as spacious storage. With an advanced Octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM, it can deliver smooth and efficient performance. It also has a 32GB internal storage and more with external memory support of up to 512GB.

The new Samsung Galaxy A11 is Dual-SIM with a SIM Ejector Universal Pin included in the box plus a rear fingerprint scanner as well as face recognition for convenient mobile security.

The new Samsung Galaxy A11 costs PHP7,490.00; however, as per the Samsung Philippine website, it is currently PHP6,490.00. There are two available colours at the Samsung store and Globe – Black and Blue. We chose the black one.


The Samsung Galaxy A11 is not that light nor heavy; however, I recommend getting a case with a ring grip or PopSocket giving you an excellent grip. 

The phone comes pre-loaded with apps like the Galaxy Store, Google Play Store, more Google Apps, Microsoft Apps, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix and other typical apps.

Now let’s check the other settings. As you can see, you can adjust the brightness and allows you to activate the so-called “Adaptive brightness” which is just the equivalent of “Auto” in other phones. But there is an option that’s not available in other phones that is quite popular nowadays.

Social media apps like Facebook gives you an option called the Dark mode. This phone has it, too! Besides that, another set up that other phones or older models don’t have is the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls. The digital wellbeing is for the user to keep track of screen time while the parental control is for adding restrictions and other limits to help your child balance their screen time.

Here’s a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy A11! Subscribe!


Now let’s check the camera. As mentioned, A11 has a triple camera. Though I’m used to DSLRs now, my first blogging camera was the LG G4 and then the LG G6. I still prefer using a smartphone in certain situations. Rest assured I will judge this camera fairly.

Well, only the triple camera. The front 8mp camera seems okay as there is a beauty mode as well as a Live focus which captures your face clearly by gently blurring the background.

What interests me is the Samsung Galaxy A11’s triple camera. They have panorama, PRO, Live Focus, Photo and Video mode. We’re all familiar with these; however, the PRO got my attention as it reminded me of the LG G4 and LG G6 I previously own.

The A11 does take good photos on low light but a better quality on daylight. It’s a capable phone and is for blogging and vlogging. However, I was quite disappointed with the PRO part. My LG G4 and LG G6 may be old, but their “PRO” or should I say “Manual” mode is easy and fun to navigate you can control the White Balance (WB), Focus, Exposure Value (EV), ISO, and Shutter Speed (S).

I understand that the Samsung Galaxy A11 is a budget Android smartphone; however, the LG G4 and the LG G6 came out in June 2015 and in February 2017, respectively. In 2020, I think PRO modes in budget phones must live up to its name. Other than that, the Samsung Galaxy A11 is a decent smartphone!

And that is it for the quick look on the new Samsung Galaxy A11. If you have questions, let me know so I can note and include them in the actual review.

2 responses to “UNBOXING & Quick Look: Samsung Galaxy A11”

  1. Hello

    I know this is off topic. I renewed my Globe plan and got A11 too, but the plan itself I think was setup wrong? I only had 2gb data and 1gb free FB for 799 pesos a month?? Was your plan setup correctly? It should be 3gb and 1gb free FB


    1. Hi Kat,

      No worries. I did mention naman that we have a Globe Plan. 🙂

      Anyway, did you double-check? I know it’s difficult to get a hold of someone via their hotline and there are several people at their stores. It took us hours before we got our phone.

      Do you have the Globeone app, or just check here – https://www.globe.com.ph/globeone This is ours.

      Data Pack:
      GoSURF 299 (2GB)
      Freebie – YouTube and Dailymotion (1GB)
      Pack – Unli Calls to Globe/TM and Unli Allnet Texts with 50 Minutes of Calls to All Networks for P399

      Add on:
      Freebie – GoWiFi (1GB/30 Days)



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