Shenn’s Pizza: Affordable Pizza For All!

Pizza is one of the most popular food in the world. I think it’s because people love the combination of bread, cheese and tomato sauce which is the base of any pizza. With that, you can add in various ingredients that suit your palette. You can go all veggies, all meat or whatever you are craving!

Another great thing about pizza is you can eat it whenever you want. Now it all goes down to where you should buy it and how much you are willing to spend. If you’re on a budget, I suggest getting yours from Shenn’s.

“Shen’s Pizza” is affordable. You can have it delivered at your doorstep. They have Hearty Cheese, Meaty Pepperoni, Aloha Hawaiian, Chicken BBQ, Shenn Supreme, Roast Beef and Shrimp & Garlic which are available in solo and Buy1 Take1. Solo starts from Php 88 to Php 138 while Buy1 Take1 start from Php 168 to Php 228.

Here we have Shen Supreme. As you can see, the crust or the bottom layer isn’t that thick. It also has an ample amount of toppings from tomato sauce to cheese, onions, olives, bell pepper, pepperoni and meat that are delicious in every bite. They also provide a hot sauce which comes in a cute container.

I honestly don’t add a sauce in my pizza because one, I can’t handle spicy and two if it already tastes good why mess with it. But I can say that the hot sauce is good.

Again, this is the Shen Supreme Pizza and this costs Php 228 under the Buy1 Take1 promo. Would you like to try Shenn’s Pizza?

I will leave the links on the screen and in the description box. But they have branches in Quezon City, Caloocan City, Marikina City Pasig City, Muntinlupa City and more.

They are also ready to deliver at your doorstep with a Php 30 fixed rate in Tandang Sora, Congressional, Project 6, Visayas Avenue, Project 8, Matandang Balara, Luzon Avenue, Pag Asa and Central Avenue. Other areas will be delivered thru Grab or Lalamove.

Happy eating and always support your local.

Here’s a short video for a closer look at Shenn’s Pizza. SUBSCRIBE!

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