Soft, Chewy & Loaded with Chocolate Chips: Chookies’ Baked Goodies

I think we can agree that everyone loves cookies. However, not all love those crunchy or thin ones. Some prefer soft and chewy cookies. If you’re one of them, I’m happy to introduce to you Chookies’ Baked Goodies:

All their cookies are freshly baked; not to mention, chewy and loaded with chocolate chips. Though it’s loaded, the cookies aren’t that sweet. Chookies’ Baked Goodies are made with a low sugar level without sacrificing quality and taste.

Just look at them. After trying one, I couldn’t stop myself from getting another cookie. It’s soft, chewy and delicious. In fact, my abuelita enjoyed them, too. She doesn’t like sweets but found these cookies just right. Pretty sure you and your family and friends will love them, too.

By the way, these yummy cookies are very affordable.

For only Php 150, you get to enjoy a tub which is equivalent to a dozen cookies. Would you like to try these out yourself? Below are the links to Chookies’ Baked Goodies pages.

Happy eating and always support your lokal.


Here’s a short video if you want a closer look at these cookies!

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