Banana Bread, Spanish Bread & Tiramisu by That Awkward Baker from The Awkward Kitchen PH

Do you love watching cooking videos on YouTube? Then you might have stumbled upon a channel called The Awkward Kitchen PH. Here you will find several relaxing cooking videos which you can easily follow.

But if you’re not ready for that, here’s a piece of great news. That Awkward Baker from The Awkward Kitchen PH has finally opened her online bakery. She sells freshly made desserts, pastries and bread.

That Awkward Baker currently offers Banana Bread, Spanish Bread and Tiramisu. Yep, everything sounds familiar. But let me tell you now that there is something special about these products. 

If you check That Awkward Baker’s pages, the products look good visually. I can attest that what you see online is what you get. You get more than the usual Banana Bread, Spanish Bread and Tiramisu you see everywhere. 

Let’s start with…

Banana Bread

Nothing beats the classic. But if you add something that classic becomes more special.

That Awkward Baker’s Banana Loaf is available in Cinnamon Crumble, Coffee Crumble and Chocolate Chip flavours. Each 8″ Banana Loaf is Php280. But if you can’t choose which one opt for the “3 Ways Banana Bread”. This sampler contains 6″ Banana Loaf of each for only Php420.

You won’t be disappointed at all! Each loaf is delicious in its way. Take the Coffee Crumble, for example. It’s my favourite because as a coffee lover I was satisfied with the taste. The Cinnamon Crumble and the Chocolate Chip are also good. They’re rich in flavours but not too sweet.

Spanish Bread

Made with organic and fresh ingredients; not to mention, baked fresh on the day of delivery, this Spanish Bread reminded me of my childhood. There was only one bakery that sells the best Spanish Bread in our area. My abuelito and I would go there every 3 PM and buy a pack for merienda. Sadly, it closed down years ago.

That Awkward Baker’s Spanish Bread reminded me of that those good times. What I even appreciate more is the variety of her Spanish Bread. It’s available in Kalabasa and Malunggay flavour. 

The Kalabasa Spanish Bread seems to be the favourite in our home. Its taste is close to the classic Spanish Bread we know and is perfect with the Kapeng Barako I have here at home.

The Malunggay, on the hand, has a strong taste. I know not everyone enjoys Malunggay; however, I love this more than the Kalabasa one. It tastes even better when you dip it in brown coffee.

A box of this costs Php280 and contains eight pieces of your choice of Spanish Bread. But if I were you, I’d choose to have both flavours.


Lastly, we have the Tiramisu which is available in Classic and Ube flavours. I got to sample the latter. The Ube Tiramisu has layers of ube broas dipped in coffee syrup with rich vanilla and ube cream custard.

This one is quite delicate, so make sure to put it in the freezer before eating. Though I can consume this 500ml (PHP260, PHP520/ 1500ml) container of Tiramisu alone, I was able to share this with two more people. You have to strategically slice the dessert after taking it out of the freezer.

I honestly prefer it cold because I can taste and enjoy the layers more. And though people can’t get enough of ube these days, Ube Tiramisu is something new to me. You see, I always go for the classic flavour and I don’t mind this little deviation.

Would you like to try these out yourself? I can help you with that. Below are the links to That Awkward Baker’s pages. If you’re checking the Instagram account, click the highlights for more information. For Facebook, check the albums section.

I highly recommend the 3 Ways Banana Bread as well as a box of their Spanish Bread (mix).

Happy eating and always support your lokal.

Want a closer look? Here’s a short video. SUBSCRIBE!

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