Affordable Products at Shine Korea Supermarket, Timog Avenue

I previously featured Nathaniel’s Bakeshop in Timog Avenue. In that same area, you will also find a store that sells various Korean products.

I know I keep using the hashtag “Support You Lokal” and promoting local products on my social media pages but this also means supporting the businesses in your area. So if you like Korean products, I don’t see anything wrong purchasing on stores near you.

Shine Korea Supermarket

Shine Korea Supermarket offers various products from seasonings to kitchenware. You can check their Facebook page’s shop section to view all the items. But let me share with you a couple of products we got from them.

1. Kimchi, obviously!

We love kimchi (who doesn’t?). The only problem I have is it can be expensive when bought at your typical supermarkets. Have you seen those small red bottles at the frozen section? Most likely, they are kimchi.

Those bottle are small and coasts Php 100 or more. At Shine Korea Supermarket, they have 500g of kimchi which only costs Php 80.00. Neat, eh? Speaking of which, how do you eat your kimchi?

Do you eat it as is? Add it to rice, stew or eggs? I do that, too! But recently, we made a Kimchi Fried Rice with Longganisa, Egg and Cheese. Here’s an ASMR video of the whole process. Subscribe?

2. Ottogi Jin Ramen Special Edition

Besides kimchi, I also enjoy ramen. In fact, I have a box of Kang Shi Fu Master Kong) ramen, a few packs of Lucky Me!, some IndoMie variants as well as Payless Xtra Big Pancit Canton here at home.

I’m not sure how much this is but you can check their Facebook Shop here. This is the Ottogi Jin Ramen Special Edition. It’s hot, as in really hot but delicious.

3. Yopokki Snack – Wasabi and Spicy Cheese

Okay, a little note. There is a Yopikki in pouch and cup where you need to cook it. Yopikki is actually an instant tteokbokki, a chewy rice cake popularized in Korea. Shine Korea Supermarket has that type of Yopikki but this is the snack one.

There’s no need to cook. Just open and enjoy! The Yopokki Snack has four flavours – cheese, hot & spicy, sweet & spicy, and wasabi. One cup costs Php 70.00 but it’s good for sharing.

Here’s another ASMR video for a closer look at Ottogi Jin Ramen Special Edition and Yopokki Snack – Wasabi and Spicy Cheese.

Shine Korea Supermarket is located at 10 No. 3, 60 Timog Avenue Corner Panay Avenue, Dliman, South Triangle, Quezon City. You can check their Facebook page or call 273587360.

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