Open for Take-out & Delivery: Get Your Ube Cheese Pandesal, Leche Flan & More at Nathaniel’s Bakeshop

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop is known as the home of Pampanga’s famous Buko Pandan Salad since 1994. But Nathaniel’s Bakeshop AND Restaurant has grown to offer a wide range of quality yet affordable food. Besides bread, pastries, native delicacies and delights you give as pasalubong, they also have dim sum, noodle soup, congee, pasta, pancit and rice meals.

Sadly, Nathaniel’s Food Corporation has decided to discontinue its dine-in services in all their branches to protect the health of its customers and employees. Are you a regular customer? No worries because take-out and delivery services through Grab Food and Food Panda remain open.

Since I’m from the North, the nearest Nathaniel’s is in Timog, Quezon City. If you’re in the same city, their address is Unit 3 & 4 ITC Commercial Complex, Timog Avenue corner Panay Avenue Quezon City. They are open from 9AM to 4PM.

If you already know what to buy, call first (02) 8921 1959 or 0919 913 2379 to make sure the product is available. If not, well, let me share with you the two delights I recently got from Nathaniel’s bakeshop.

Soft and Fluffy Purple Pandesal

Pretty sure you’ve seen those soft and fluffy purple pandesal floating on your social media feeds. Yep, Nathaniel’s is offering Ube Cheese Pandesal, too!

I know, I know. There are several selling them online and in actual bakeshops. In all fairness, some of them are good and worth every Peso. But some don’t have an ample amount of cheese or ube halaya inside which for me, is a total let down.

With Nathaniel’s, you won’t get that. Their Ube Cheese Pandesal is soft and fluffy when you buy them from the store. There is also an ample amount of cheese as well as ube halaya. Now all you need is a freshly-brewed coffee and you have the perfect almusal.

Take note, that Ube Cheese Pandesals are better eaten when hot. But if you bought a box planning to enjoy it during merienda or the next morning, you can heat it first before consuming.

I can attest that this is a good way to enjoy the bread when not eaten right away. However, it doesn’t always work. I bought some Ube Cheese Pandesals in the past that get burnt easily when heated. (I use a toaster oven)

I don’t bake so I can’t tell you the reason why that happened. All I can say is some individuals and bakeshops can bake them perfectly one of which is Nathaniel’s.

Let me share with you a video I made. (Subscribe!)

Did you see the cheese and ube halaya? After heating, the pandesal is still soft in the inside and a little crunchy on the outside. Don’t mistake that as being burnt, okay? Because when you take a bite, it doesn’t taste that way. It’s just a little crunchy (which I like) and delicious.

For only Php 120, you get a box (10 pieces) of big sized Ube Cheese Pandesal.

The Flan

Who doesn’t love this popular dessert? Whether steamed or oven-baked, people enjoy this all-year-round. But let’s admit it, not everyone can make the perfect flan and that includes me. When I don’t get all the ingredients I always use, I would replace it which affects the final product. That is why I prefer buying it (NOT on a daily basis) on certain shops. Yep, I keep a list. 😊

And Nathaniel’s Bakeshop has been added!

This beautiful oval-shaped container contains Nathaniel’s smooth, thick and creamy leche flan! It costs Php 130. Is it quite steep? Consider this. There are 3 for Php 100 leche flans at certain weekend markets (before the pandemic). There are also mini leche flans from well-known brands that costs Php 100. In terms of size and price, there is already a huge difference. And if you do a taste test, you will understand.

With Nathaniel’s, you get an affordable but quality dessert which you can enjoy and share (or not. No Judgment here, fellow dessert lover).

If you’re craving for delights or meals, I’ll leave the links to Nathaniel’s Bakeshop below.

Happy eating!

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop
Bakery, Quick Bites – Bakery, Filipino
ITC Commercial Complex, Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
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