From the Maker of Lecheng Maja Comes Lecheng Inutak

From the maker of Lecheng Maja comes to another great culinary invention called Lecheng Inutak. Direk Ojet recently released his newest addition to his gourmet kitchen. Like his first creation, the Lecheng Inutak also comes with layers and layers of goodness.

But first, what is Inutak?

Inutak is a Pateros delicacy also known in neighbouring Taguig City. It is made of sticky rice mixed with coconut milk and coconut cream baked over a charcoal fire. Ojet’s Lecheng Inutak, on the other hand, offers a fresh new spin!

You will enjoy the lovely flavours of each layer – oven-fresh bibingka followed by ube and leche flan. Since I shared the anatomy of Ojet’s Lecheng Maja in a previous post, let me share with you the anatomy of Ojet’s Lecheng Inutak!

Did you see the layers? Though each is very different, I can honestly say that the flavours work well together. This version surpassed the sticky kakanin we are used to. Don’t get me wrong. Classic kakanin is great but there is nothing wrong with reinventing. With Ojet’s Lecheng Maja and the new Lecheng Inutak, people get the best of three flavours in one.

But if I were to choose between the two, I would say Ojet’s Lecheng Inutak. Ojet’s Lecheng Maja is actually delicious and not too sweet. But I still have a soft spot for delicious sweet delicacies that is why Ojet’s Lecheng Inutak grabbed the top spot for me. 🙂

Got you craving? Order now! Message them on their socials. And while there, why not try Ojet’s Lecheng Maja, too.

Then delivery thru Lalamove or Grab.

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