Milk Tea at Your Doorstep? The Milk + Honey Café Team & Aljur Abrenica is Here for You!

What? There’s another milk tea shop in the Metro?!

It surely is a milk tea shop but saying it’s just another is an understatement. Now, why did I say that? First let me inform you that I was approached by sir Rob, one of the owners of Milk + Honey Café to try their products. Since I wasn’t familiar with the brand, I did my research. And the more I do, the more I feel their passion and appreciate the local brand.

The Cafe

Milk + Honey Café is created by a group of friends one of which is a household name, Aljur Abrenica. Though he is more of a coffee person, being part of the process in establishing the brand in 2019 made him realise things. If you refer to his Facebook live videos via the Milk + Honey Café QC page, you’ll see how he along with sir Rob enjoy delivering their milk tea creations to their customers.


Yes, they can deliver your milk teas right to your doorstep. With the pandemic and community quarantine, Milk + Honey Café had to redirect their business structure from a cafe to on-the-go drinks at the moment. This way the business can survive and their staff won’t lose their livelihood.

What’s even more admirable is their desire to hear if there is something wrong with their product. They clearly want to offer the best drinks that is why they always ask their customers for feedback. In all fairness, they take everything they hear and do something right away.

The Tea

Take note, Milk + Honey Café has a full cafe menu. But since they closed down their branches during the pandemic, they currently offer the following:

Photo From

I was able to try their Classic Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea and the Blueberry Sympathy. The flavours are all good. Generic answer? Wait for it! 🙂

If you’re following me on Instagram and reading my blog, you’ll know how many milk tea shops I’ve visited. While some made it on my blog, some didn’t. The reason is the heaviness or maybe it’s the guilt I feel when I drink certain milk teas.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure you’ve felt that some milk tea shop’s creations are too sweet or too heavy and their tapioca pearls aren’t well-cooked. With Milk + Honey Café, I didn’t feel that. Now, this is the part where I found out the meaning behind their name.

According to sir Rob, the foundation and uniqueness of their flavours come from their premium milk and the usage of honey as a sweetener, a combination of pleasure and health.

When I tasted their Brown Sugar Milk Tea, I instantly recognised the difference from other brands. Yes, it is still sweet but not intensely sweet. I actually thought that it will be my favourite drink but the Blueberry Sympathy rose above. While it’s true that I have an intense love for Blueberry Cheesecake and Blueberry Pie, their Blueberry Sympathy has a good mix of flavours; not to mention, it comes with popping boba!

Yes, tapioca pearls are delicious and they belong with milk teas. But it can make or break the milk tea experience. Though it didn’t break the experience, in this case, I still prefer and enjoy popping bobas. It is a unique boba filled with real fruit juice flavours that burst in your mouth. It absolutely perfect for their Blueberry Sympathy.

Blueberry Sympathy (L), Classic Milk Tea (M) and Brown Sugar Milk Tea (M)

Are you starting to crave? You can message them on their socials which I posted below. They deliver via Lalamove but if you’re near their QC production hub, their riders or sir Aljur and sir Rob will be the one to deliver the milk teas at your doorstep!

By the way, some of their profit goes to charity plus they’re also planning some charity programs.

Milk + Honey Café

Stay healthy, safe, and happy.

Also, #SupportYourLokal and happy milk tea drinking!

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