Fresh Options Chef Series: Premium Pasta Served in Just 4 Min!

Do you love pasta? I do! What’s not to love, especially those countless delicious pasta dishes in the world? We have the classic spaghetti Bolognese, Alfredo Salmon Pasta, Creamy Garlic Prawn Pasta, Pesto Pasta and more. You will surely find the perfect pasta recipe for any occasion.

But things suddenly changed. With the pandemic forcing lockdown’s in various countries, buying food or anything is difficult. There was a time when I craved for pasta in the middle of the enhanced community quarantine. That time only one member of each family can leave the house to buy things. The problem is, not everything is available.

Sure, there’s spaghetti in the rack but no tomato sauce. Or, there’s tomato sauce but no pasta, cheese and so on. Worst, the grocery racks are empty. Yes, all of those happened. It was frustrating.

But after trying to shop for groceries online for the first time, I stumbled on a brand called Fresh Options which is a meat shop. But they are not limited to raw meat they also have a series of products such as Chef Series, Cripinoy, Deli Bite, DimSum Basket, Kiddie Goodie, Rapsarap and Ulam Mismo some of which are ready to heat.

Fresh Options: #SiguradongFresh #SiguradongSpecial

I’ve tried several of their products from raw meat to the ready to heat ones, and I highly recommend this shop. It’s always fresh; not to mention, the process online and the actual shopping experience is convenient. Yep, our city is now under general community quarantine, so I was able to visit them.

Besides the usual meat, I also bought their Chef Series Young Chef Edition Premium Pasta packs. They currently have three choices – Hungarian Linguine, Oriental Chicken and Mexican Fajita.

They are all good; however, one pasta dish stood out. That is the Hungarian Linguine, a recipe by Chef Tricia Anne Guevarra.

I watched a video she was featured in Fresh Options Facebook page. She said that she added herbs, Hungarian sausage, and a few greens making it well-balanced. It sure is!

Eating a plate of that Hungarian Linguine gives you satisfaction. Another great thing about this is for only Php 99.75 you get to enjoy it right away. Just open the pack, place it onto a pan and heat it. Easy, right?

Would you like to try their Chef Series Young Chef Edition Premium Pasta? You can order online thru or message them on their socials to check if there is a branch near you.  Also, make sure to try their Rapsarap Cheese Embutido (500g Regular price Php 144.75) especially the Ulam Mismo Bistek Tagalog (Php 94.75)!

Support your lokal!

Happy eating!

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