Local Bottled Product: Jacob’s Gourmet Foods

Local bottled products are a blessing, especially these days when you can’t always get what you need in grocery stores. Thus, products sold by small businesses online became everyone’s go-to.

The only problem is, there are numerous online shops to choose from. And that does not include the others that are yet to be discovered. I think this is where social media presence comes in. If you are a customer who purchased a product you like, it would be nice to spread the word.


I’ve always supported Pinoy products. But with the pandemic, I have become more conscious of smaller businesses. So if there is a product I like, I try to search for it in my area. A perfect example is my craving for pesto.

I went on Instagram and saw my blogger friend posted a Pesto Pasta she made using a local bottled product. I wasn’t familiar with the brand but was very happy with her recommendation and was checking the FAQs.

Suddenly, I received a message from the brand. Turns out, I’ve met the owners before and they were very kind to send over samples for me to try.

Jacob’s Gourmet Foods

Jacob’s Gourmet Foods offers a selection of products such as Gourmet Tuyo, Gourmet Tuyo Flakes, Gourmet Bangus, Special Embutido, Crispy Dilis, Special Bagoong Bagnet, Sukang Sinamak, Sukang Masarap, Creamy Tuna Pesto, Italian Pepperoni Sauce, Garlic Chili and Cured Salted Egg in Herbs. Jacob’s Gourmet doesn’t use msg and preservatives. All their products are 100% organic and they use 100% extra virgin olive oil.


The first one I opened is the Gourmet Tuyo Classic Flavor. Nothing beats the classic. It’s very flavourful and you know that it’s truly fresh. Quality 100%

Next is the Sukang Sinamak and Sukang Masarap. What’s the perfect food if you have this type of condiment? BBQ and liempo! I bought these from Zed’s BBQ Grill formerly Palma’s Grill located at Shorthorn St, Project 8, Quezon City. #SupportYourLokal

Their Sukang Masarap (Organic Fermented Vinegar) is good. It’s for people who don’t like spice that much. But if you are the opposite, I highly recommend the Sukang Sinamak (Organic Fermented Vinegar – Spiced). It brings out more of the food’s grill flavours which is amazing!

Another bottle I opened is the Garlic Chili. I love siomai especially Japanese siomai, good thing our favourite shop is back in business. In fairness, their Garlic Chili is the bomb! It’s not purely garlic or chilli but a wonderful and flavourful mixture of all ingredients. There was a time I wasted Php 140 for a Garlic Chili that is only super spicy, nothing more.

Moving on, I was finally able to try their Creamy Tuna Pesto. I cooked some pasta on Father’s Day for my ninong and abuelita. I first cooked the pasta noodles because Jacob’s Gourmet Creamy Tuna Pesto is ready to heat. I used as spread toasted the bread. It’s already perfect that way. But since it’s a special occasion, I added some more.

I cooked bits of sliced Hungarian sausage in butter with grated garlic. When the garlic started to toast a little, I added Jacob’s Gourmet Creamy Tuna Pesto in and added some grated cheese as well as water until the sausage became tender.

Easy, eh? Delicious, too! I’m now 100% sure I will be purchasing this one. Yes, purchasing. I will be purchasing Jacob’s Gourmet Creamy Tuna Pesto soon as well as their Garlic Chili and Sukang Sinamak.

Are you interested? I’ll leave their socials below. Check their link in their IG bio. You can place your order there. Their prices are very reasonable and worth it.


Stay healthy, safe and happy. Support your lokal and happy eating!

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