Chocolate Crinkles? Egg Pie? Visit Balai Tinapay

The other week I received a message from a place called Balai Tinapay. They wanted to send over their chocolate crinkles for me to try. After checking their profile and finding them on Google Maps, I realised three things.

One, I pass by that area but never noticed them. Two, Balai Tinapay offers different types of bread, one of which is the famous ube cheese pandesal. And lastly, I was craving for their egg pie. So I ordered one whole egg pie which only costs Php 250. (I want to be crystal clear. I paid for that one, entiendes?)

Now fast forward to the day I received the goodies. I present to you Balai Tinapay’s soft and lovely chocolate crinkles. This local bakery’s version is chocolatey. It’s also bigger compared to the usual ones I buy from other bakeries making it the perfect snack or dessert.

Do you know how much this costs? For only Php 60, you get 10 lovely pieces of chocolate crinkles.

Now, onto the egg pie which I’ve been craving for the past few days. This whole pie is only Php 250. I don’t know how much that is in your area. But some bakeries near us sell them for almost the same price. Sadly, it’s not that good. The crust is hard and overpowers the custard.

But not Balai Tinapay’s!

Their egg pie has a thick custard which is milky and delicious. It overpowers the crust, which is a good thing. The ratio makes you enjoy the taste of the egg pie custard more. For Php 250, I think it’s worth every Peso.

Would you like a bite? You can find Balai Tinapay at 345 Roosevelt Ave, Quezon City. You can send them a DM or message 0966-628-8493 (Viber).

Stay healthy, safe and happy. Support your lokal and happy eating!

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