Hey There, Cookie Lover! Meet Lucci’s Cookies

Are you a cookie monster like me? No judgement here, fellow cookie lover. My friends gave me that nickname because I always eat cookies during our thesis and film days back in college.

I used to enjoy any cookie as long as it’s chocolatey and delicious. Now, I have a preference. I love those soft and chewy ones that don’t have to be chocolate. Since I often do our grocery shopping on weekends, I would pass by the Weekend Gourmet Market and see several goodies.

Though they all look good, not all can catch my attention. I’m not a cookie expert. I don’t even bake. So I don’t know if they used baking powder, chilled the dough before cooking or whatever. But I have an eye for cookies, well, as long as I see it in person.

That is why it was difficult for me to face my cravings over the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). I need to see the cookies before I make my purchase. Good thing, one of my blogger friends recommended a shop called Lucci’s Cookies.

Meet Lucci’s Cookies

Run by Chef Paolo, Tina and Daisy, Lucci’s Cookies offers a selection of soft, chewy, and decadent cookies which comes in various flavours.

There’s the classic choco chip, oatmeal rum raisin, chocolate peanut butter, deep dark chocolate chip, hot cocoa and ube with white choco on top. Their cookies come in two weights – 25 grams and 80 grams.

Six pieces of cookies in 25 grams costs Php200 while a dozen costs Php350. For the 80 grams, six pieces of cookies cost Php450 while a dozen is Php 800.

I honestly enjoyed their cookies as they are soft, chewy and decadent. The moment I realised that I also realised I made a mistake. I should have bought the 80 grams or maybe a dozen of that 25 grams.

But that’s not all! Lucci’s Cookies also offers coffee bars (which I have yet to try) as well as their pretty famous French Apple Cake. Can you imagine this whole cake only costs Php 399? Well, there’s no need because that’s the real price.

I bought this along with the cookies during Mother’s day. I know there’s Grandparent’s Day but my abuelita is also my mother. Knowing she loves a cake that isn’t sweet, I gifted her this. It’s moist and not too sweet. Plus, they didn’t scrimp on apples.

Would you like a slice or maybe a bite? I’m leaving Lucci’s Cookie’s details below. Make sure to check their IG story highlights for the order process and form.

Stay healthy, safe and happy. Support your lokal and happy eating!


*Note: The featured image was taken on Mother’s Day. I bought the cookies and cake from Lucci’s Cookies while the ube cheese de sal was gifted to us by our neighbour. The leche flan, on the other hand, was made by yours truly. 

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