Need Food and Medicine? Deliver It Right To Your Doorstep!

Delivery, a word I never thought I’d appreciate. Yes, I am somewhat of an old-school. I prefer doing things myself, seeing and touching the things I need before I do my purchase. Heck, I don’t even know how online shopping works, even delivery platforms.

Hold on. Just a little disclaimer. I do receive packages from brands and small businesses once in a blue moon but they always handle the shipping. I would sometimes pay the fee but that’s about it. I never got the chance to do the actual booking not until the pandemic.

With what’s going on with the world, I had to make the right choice. That is to stay home and accept the changes one of which is having things delivered to our doorstep.

But how can we make sure it’s safe and we receive the things we purchased online? It took me a long time to research and decide but I ended up making the right choices.

Though we are now in the GCQ stage or General Community Quarantine, I know most still prefer staying indoors. So let me share with you my recent go-to shops for certain needs when I can’t leave the house.


I’m sharing two shops:

Healthy Meals PH

They offer fresh baskets, plant-based meals, keto meals, skinny/ high protein meals, and other ready to eat meals. You can check their Facebook page for the complete list of meals and vegetables with prices.

The process is quite easy. You can call or message them on social media. I chose the latter via Instagram and gave them the list. After coordinating all details, I paid via online baking and viola! I got the vegetables and Ube Cheese Pandesal after two days. It would have been delivered the next day but there was a hiccup with the vegetables coming from Baguio.

*Healthy Meals PH teamed up with farmers to deliver healthy meals, fresh fruits, local vegetables and organic products.

Farm Fetch Store

I found another store which delivers right away. Now, this is very different from the first one. Farm Fetch Store offers two boxes which they labelled Halo-Halo Lowlands Vegetable Box (5KG) and the Halo-Halo Highlands Vegetable Box (5KG).

There are several vegetables in each box which you might not need right away. That is why they also started offering Veggie Kits (1.01kg) as well as recipe boxes such as Ginataang Kalabasa Recipe Box and Adobong Sitaw Recipe Box.

The process was again easy and they respond to you right away when you message them on social media.


Fresh Options Meatshop

The market near us closed their doors on the first few days of the ECQ but after a while, they developed a schedule. But I still chose delivery especially when I found out there is such a thing as Fresh Options Meatshop and there is a branch near us.

I simply messaged them on Facebook. Then they asked me my location and the nearest branch after which they sent me the list of items. (I ordered some meat as well as ready-to-heat meals.) I sent them my order and contact information. I received a call the next day and coordinated with the staff which ones are available. If it’s not, then they would ask me if I would like an alternative. Once everything is ironed out, they will send me a text with the total. The delivery happens that same day as well.



Medicine is a necessity and it was challenging, tough, problematic, strenuous, to buy all that you need. I have two elderlies who have to take their maintenance. Good thing, I remembered the drugstore my abuelito used to frequent when he was still in the land of the living.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, I found their Facebook page and the process. You just need to send them an email with all the lists of medicines you need and the quantity. Make sure to attach a copy of the prescription and senior citizen ID in the email.

Expect a call within the day and it will be delivered the next day. They accept credit and debit card payment on delivery. Yeah, it was really convenient.


Ah, that is the word I associate deliveries with. I hope everyone is able to experience convenience, too. We’ve all been through a lot and I think we all deserve the ease and convenience life has to offer.

I also hope you find this post helpful and have the same experience I had when I ordered from these stores.

Stay healthy and safe!

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