Film Review: Copie Conforme (1947)

I love Netflix because they can showcase and sometimes save great movies and series. But there are times they show not so great ones (or, maybe just in my region). Whenever that happens, I simply take a break from Netflix.

While waiting for new releases, I check my other go-to sites, legal of course. Most of these feature independent films which I like. But I also enjoy old classic films, even black-and-white ones but they are just too difficult to find.

There are channels like HITS, HITS Movies and AMC where you can watch such reruns and old films but they’re not always available on our cable provider. Well, they technically are but my plan doesn’t cover all channels.

That’s why I was happy when I discovered we have TV5Monde included in the line-up. This is a French television network, broadcasting several channels of French-language programming. Yes, it’s a French channel but there are subtitles.

Anyway. While surfing through, I found a black-and-white film playing on that channel. The scene showed a male character talking differently and quite slowly. He was delivering a beautiful speech at a funeral. Because of the way he speaks, his colleagues left the funeral. Well, except for one girl.

She listened to his words and stared at him with googly eyes until he finished. When he’s done, he was shocked to learn they were the only ones left. It was honestly rude and I felt sad for the guy. I think that was the reason why I didn’t switch the channel.

By the way, the film is Copie Conforme (1947)

The Synopsis:

Copie Conforme (1947)
1h 24min | Comedy, Crime

Ismora Manuel, a con man, asks Gabriel Dupon, who has a striking resemblance to him, to work with him. However, things take a turn when Dupon falls in love with Ismora’s mistress.

The Review:

Ismora Manuel and Gabriel Dupon were played by one actor, Louis Jouvet. But unlike the recent films with the same idea wherein a character is played by one actor, I can honestly say Louis Jouvet is the finest one.

Sure, they have the same face but you will have to look twice to see it. Not only was he able to change how he speaks, but his facial expressions and how he carries himself changed as well. He knows he is an actor that is why he wasn’t afraid to look different at all.

Story-wise, I was pleased by the simplicity and beauty. Sure, it is a comedy and crime film but it didn’t fail to be poetic. Though I only relied on the subtitles, I fell in love with the meaning behind their lines. My favourite would be the one at the end. I can’t remember the exact translation but this is what i got from it.

Our main character, the good man Gabriel Dupon, was given a chance to live a new life. Despite all his troubles in the past, he should look forward and live the life he wants and truly deserves.

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