#SupportYourLokal | Quarantine Food Diary Entry 7

Hello there! This is the last entry for my Quarantine Food Diary series. Before we proceed, I just want to thank you for watching my entries here on YouTube and on my other socials. So far the most-watched video is the previous one, entry number 6 which is Rice Cooker Meals. And I think I know why.

Did you run out of LPG while cooking like what happened to me? That’s okay. I hope you found my video helpful.

But first, let’s do a quick recap.

Quarantine is emotionally challenging so I searched for an outlet where I can pour my energy. Thus, I decided to create short videos sharing some things I did over this period. I shot several videos but later realised I’ve been hanging in the kitchen way too much.

I’ve been busy thinking of what to cook based on what we have as several shops in the nearest public market closed their doors; not to mention, supermarkets don’t have a lot. In short, we were stuck with canned goods like sardines as well as eggs, noodles and a few types of meat on the fridge.

So that’s where I got the idea of sharing a Quarantine Food Diary. But this is not the only “diary” I have. I wrote two blog posts over at clarisays.com and kept a photo diary over at claricaptures.wordpress.com.

For my Quarantine Food Diary here on my YouTube Channel, I first shared our adjusted Caldereta, Sinigang at Tinola recipes. The second video is discussing my regrets and sharing a simple Pinoy Almusal or breakfast. On the third, I shared a new discovery the Indomie Salted Egg. Fourth is making Milk Tea at Home. The fifth is my Sardines in Tausi Fried Rice recipe
And previously I shared some Rice Cooker Meals.

I hope you don’t misconstrue my intention for making this series.

Here’s the full video! Subscribe!

Take note, we’re still under community quarantine. But from May 16 to 31, the metro is under a modified enhanced community quarantine. Being under the enhanced community quarantine for two months, I can honestly say this little project helped me relax my thoughts and in a way accept what everyone calls the “new normal”.

I’m still scared, okay? That is why I pray for everyone’s safety and acceptance of the new norm. I also pray for people to be more mindful of others.

Going back. For my last entry, I want to share where I buy things I need for our home. I don’t like deliveries because I prefer doing everything myself. But I don’t want to go outside because I need to protect my Abuelita.

So I did my research and found some shops which I got to try in the last week of April and early May.

During the process, I suddenly became more conscious of small businesses. I do support the small businesses in our area and I patronise local products. But as I was browsing online I saw a huge number of accounts selling home-made ube pandesal, cakes, cookies, morcon, embutido, Rellenong Bangus and more in various cities.

Everyone is affected – big businesses especially small ones. As more shops are slowly re-opening, it would also be good to support your favourite small businesses and local brands. You can also order from independent restaurants. This way, you not only help small businesses survive but also help flatten the curve by staying indoors and self-isolating. But if you want to go out and visit the market, make sure you wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Now for the food deliveries.

As mentioned not all shops are open so I decided to have food delivered to our doorstep.

For our meat supply and other ready-to-heat meals, I order from Fresh Options. There is a minimum delivery of P500 but delivery is free. I was scared at first because I don’t want to spend a lot. But after checking their prices and the ones at the grocery (online of course), their prices are way affordable.

When it comes to fruits as well as vegetables, FRESH Market on wheels passes by our area once in a while. But there is another place I get my veggies from. It’s called Farm Fetch Store.

They offer healthy farm-to-door vegetables. The good thing about this is that they can deliver it the same day. There are two boxes to choose from HALO-HALO LOWLANDS VEGETABLE BOX and the HALO-HALO HIGHLANDS VEGETABLE BOX.

I choose the lowlands box and it contains eggplant, ampalaya, okra, squash, upo, patola, sitaw, tomato, ginger, garlic, and red onions.

For bread, I buy at Julie’s Bakeshop via Grab Food or pass by Pan De Manila. I also recently discovered the Ube Pandesal which I got from Healthy Meals PH. Oh, I also bought some vegetables from them. Btw, Healthy Meals PH teamed up with farmers to deliver healthy meals, fresh fruits, local vegetables and organic products.

Besides these, I also found some other shops and products which I continuously share on my blog and Instagram account. If you can check them out or if you have suggestions, just let me know.

Again thank you for your time and I hope you stay safe and healthy.

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