Quarantine Food Diary

Hi! This is Clari and I’m working on a short project I call Quarantine Food Diary. I will be sharing a series of short cooking videos and ASMR food videos showing simple dishes we prepare at home.

I am aware that quarantine is emotionally challenging but we need to stay home as it plays a big part in flattening the curve. Honestly, I’m still very anxious but I, we need to calm down. So I searched for an outlet where I can pour my energy. That’s when I realised I still have my blog and this channel.

I wrote two blog posts about our situation over at clarisays.com and I’m currently working on my Enhanced Community Quarantine Diary at ClariCaptures where I take a photo daily, share the story and the colour palette.

And now, I am working on this new project. I hope you check my Quarantine Food Diary entries. And if you can and want to, please do subscribe to my channel. I’m trying to reach 1000 for obvious reasons. 🙂 I hope you support me.

Anyway, this is the link to the playlistbit.ly/QFoodDiary

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