Finally Tried Black Scoop Café

As long as there are shops offering unique and delicious milk tea concoctions, everyone’s (well, almost) favourite beverage will be around for a very long time. Take Black Scoop Café for example. With their name and logo, you’d think they only offer ice cream. But no!

Black Scoop Café made waves and continues to do so because they offer a genius creation called milk-tea soft-serve!

The Café

Black Scoop Café opened its doors in Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City in July 2018. The person behind this cafe is the same one that introduced Infinitea Milktea, Louie Cheng Sy.

Instead of the usual milk tea, Black Scoop Café took it up a notch by offering milk-tea soft-serve and giving its customers the option to build their own dessert. You can enjoy it in a cup or cone. Then you can choose to enjoy it plain, cup classic with 1 topping, cup grande with 1 topping and 1 crunch or cup supreme with 1 topping and 2 crunches. 

Besides this, they also have deluxe creations such as Mango Jubilee, Crazy Cheesy Float, Chocolate Fudge Overload and Milktea Madness. And if you follow them on social media, you won’t miss their unique creations available at a certain time. They previously released the Ovaltine Collection, White Rabbit Swirl, Melona Honeydew sundae, Cherry Blossom Collection, Yakult Swirl, and more.

If you’re not in the mood for a sundae, then you might want to check their lovely frappe – cream or coffee-based, coffee + chocolate, cream cheese lattes and specialty drinks selection. And if you’re hungry, no need to move to another place because Black Scoop Café offers sandwiches,  snacks, and pancakes; not to mention, buffalo wings and rice meals.

The Café, One Raffles Place

Black Scoop Café’s menu sounds interesting and family-friendly, eh? Though I am a food blogger, I don’t always jump into the fad. I usually just stay back and wait for it to die down which in this case never did.

They continuously opened branches until three were accessible to me. But since they’re always full – the shop and the parking area, I decided to visit them with my Abuelita and ninong after attending a Sunday mass.

Their branch in One Raffles Place, Congressional Avenue opens at 11 AM so we decided to have lunch there. We were the first customers so we didn’t have a problem parking. While I was helping my Abuelita get out of the car, one of their male staff approached us and helped us in. (Thank you, Kuya).

Upon entering I realised the place has ample space. It’s not a huge branch but it definitely has a good space for people who want to dine in. The place is clean and well-ventilated. Their interior is modern but not too Instagrammable which is a plus for me because it keeps the place cosy making it a great place for students, friends, and families.

Now onto…

The Food

We ordered the following:

Beef Tapa

Classic Carbonara

Tuna Pesto

Black Mascarpone

Milk Tea and Fruit Tea

The Beef Tapa, Classic Carbonara and Tuna Pesto are okay. Nothing special about them but there is nothing wrong with them either. However, I didn’t like the toasted bread that came with the plates of pasta we ordered. I know that simple bread compliments pasta perfectly but a toasted garlic bread makes it even more enjoyable.

Now for their milk tea and fruit tea. I love Infinitea so I wasn’t surprised by their selection and taste. It’s good but what I was interested in is their famous Black Mascarpone sundae.

Let me tell you that it is really good. They offered something new and delicious! I’m actually very interested to try their combos and other creations. I just hope that they don’t forget that they also offer meals.

Based on our first visit, I think that Black Scoop Café can still make the dining experience better. Sure, their star is the dessert but they chose to offer meals as well. I hope they improve the meals and…

The Service

The staff was respectful and friendly. The only problem is you know that most of them are new. When we were ordering food, I noticed how the cashier easily gets confused. Yes, it was our first time and we were also not sure what to order. In cases like this, it would be nice for them to help the customer choose. They can offer their bestseller or what they think the customer would like.

Moreover, the food took a while to be served. Since they chose to offer meals, they should consider the serving time, too. Yes, they are not a fast-food chain but it took a while for these dishes to arrive and we were the only customer at that time.

The question now is, will we come back? Of course! The dining experience wasn’t that bad but maybe we’ll also try the two other branches near us.


Black Scoop Café
Located in: One Raffles Place
Address: Congressional Ave, Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila
My rating: 3.5/5

Happy eating and please do share your dining experience below!

Black Scoop Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Visited before the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and all the craziness of 2020

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