Welcome to Haulah Cafe, Visayas Avenue’s New Neighborhood Cafe!

They say, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” In Haulah Cafe’s case, it literally started with the words silver lining. During the media event organised by Haulah Cafe, we sat down with one of the owners, Ms Rochelle Ramos where she shared their struggles and the inspiration which helped them find the correct path towards Haulah Cafe.

Ms Ramos also shared a very personal story about her aunt, who she dearly loves and looks up to. To her, she’s not only an aunt but also a friend and a mentor. But when life took its course, she was left with a dream. So they set out on a journey which at first didn’t work out.

Registering a company name was already a problem as ‘Silver Lining’ was not accepted. But she remembered the dream before her aunt passed about a bird in a cage who was then set free and became a phoenix that soared up high. After digging within herself and with the help of people close to her especially her husband Chef John Michael Yatco, things started to fall into place.

Now under the name Phoenix Silver Lining Empire Inc., they were able to build Haulah Cafe.

The Cafe

Visayas Avenue’s newest neighbourhood cafe features a lovely exterior and interior. Pretty sure when you pass by the area, you’ll see their beautiful outdoor dining which lights up at night. And when you enter, you will be even more amazed as Haulah Cafe doesn’t break away from their theme.

Here’s a peek! Make sure to subscribe.

On the left, you will see their simple dining area with the typical table and chairs as well as a couch area. Further back is a bar-style section where you are welcome to eat and do a little work. Yes, you can bring your laptop here because they have sockets everywhere.

What’s cool about this area is it gives you a view of Visayas Avenue. But if you want to be away from people or the street, they have four huge bird cages that feature a round table perfect for friends hanging out. There is also a small area near that where you can work on your laptop.

Take note, shoes are not allowed in this area. But don’t worry as they have a shoe divider on the side. Also, this area leads to a small kid’s play area. So if you have little kids, don’t hesitate to bring them here.

Besides these dining areas and play area, do not forget to stop and look up. As mentioned, Haulah Cafe doesn’t break away from their theme. The cafe is filled with beautiful rustic gold birdcage pieces with two birds as well as light fixtures that complement.

I know there are people who hate seeing so many elements. Honestly, I am one of them but trust me, their design pieces are not an eyesore. The elements work well together. Plus, knowing and understanding the meaning behind it makes their place even more appealing.

Now onto…

The Food

Haulah Cafe generally offers an Asian fusion menu. Chef John Michael Yatco prepared various delectable dishes that combine various cuisines of different Asian countries.

Chicken Finger (PHP 188)
3pcs chicken + fries

Haulah Szechuan Wings
6 pcs – PHP 238
12 pcs – PHP 398

Chicken Bao Bun PHP 108

Chicken Burger with Fries PHP 268

Shrimp and Baby Corn Fried Rice PHP 128

Authentic Pork Siu-Mai PHP 78

Carbonara PHP 268

Single Haulah Beef Tapa PHP 188

Western Duo PHP 248
French toast, spam eggs, bacon

Pinoy Platter PHP 428
Fried rice tapa, longganisa, eggs, salted egg (good for 3-4)

American Platter PHP 428
French toast, egg bacon, ham, fruits (good for 3-4)

Spicy Gambas PHP 298

Lychee Mintee + Mix Berries PHP 198

Haulah Fruitea PHP 198

Salted Caramel Latte PHP 138

Chocolate Frappe PHP 198

Haulah Frappe PHP 198

The Review

Take note, I went here before their soft opening on February 23. Yes, I read your mind. The cafe wasn’t fully operational during that time but I was able to try some of their dishes. Honestly, all the dishes I tasted are great. My favourite would be the Haulah Szechuan Chicken and the Chicken Burger. I also love their Salted Caramel Latte and the Chocolate Frappe.

When I got an invite during their media launch held on March 8th, I saw a great transition. The lights and displays are all up; not to mention, the kitchen fully open to cooking all their offerings. When it comes to food, I can say their dishes remain delicious. And during that time, I also found a new favourite dish called Seared Chicken with herbs.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo because one, the aroma made me hungry. And two, I just had to take a bite but ended up devouring it. Yes, Seared Chicken is that good! For PHP 258, you get a good amount of chicken seared at the right temperature with seasonings such as rosemary and thyme that pair well.

You know what drink goes well with this dish? There are two. First is the Haulah Frappe! This is Haulah’s special drink which will make you love summer. Second is a drink you will not see in the menu so good luck looking for it! 🙂

Okay, fine! It’s called Mixed Berries with Oreo Frappe.

Final thoughts!

For a neighbourhood cafe, I can say that Haulah is a great addition to the community. They offer a great place for friends and families who want to grab a quick bite, enjoy a lovely meal or celebrate a special milestone. Moreover, their delicious food, generous serving and reasonable prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Maybe the only problem I have is their selection of cold beverages.  Don’t get me wrong. They have quite a lovely selection but I love drinks, not alcoholic ones to be clear. Since we live in a tropical country, it would be lovely if they have some thirst quenchers perfect for their dishes. At the moment, I am loving their lattes and the frappes specifically the Haulah Frappe and Mixed Berries with Oreo Frappe.

Would you like to try Haulah Cafe, too? Then why don’t you visit them at their grand opening? Haulah Cafe is ready to welcome you on March 11, 2020. They are open from 9AM to 11PM. You can find Haulah Cafe at #106 Unit 101A Visayas Avenue Brgy. Culiat Quezon City.

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Happy eating!

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