Cool 7-Eleven Finds: 7-Select Popcorn, Selecta’s Mochi Ku, Uni-Cornetto & More

I was on a mission to find Selecta’s Mochi Ku ice cream. Let’s back it up a bit. The Pat kid Inside, one of my fellow bloggers posted a photo of mochi filled with vanilla ice cream on his Instagram account. It looked lovely and being a loyal customer of 7-Eleven, I was surprised I didn’t see that product.

But soon I realised that I wasn’t craving for ice cream because of the cold weather. And now that I am, I decided to find this beautiful Selecta Mochi Ku ice cream. There are six 7-Eleven stores near me but only one of them never failed me.

*Sorry, but I’m not going to disclose the location. 🙂

So after lunch, I went straight to that branch. And let me tell you that my favourite 7-Eleven branch gave me more than Selecta’s Mochi Ku!

1. Selecta’s Mochi Ku 

I haven’t tried a mochi ice cream before so I was expecting a lot from his dessert. Sadly, I didn’t quite enjoy it. Maybe a flavoured mochi or a different ice cream flavour would have made this dessert more enjoyable.

But if you really want to try it here’s a  little tip. Make sure to thaw it for a little and then eat it right away. Take note, there are two mochis filled with vanilla ice cream per pack which costs PHP45.

2. 7-Select Popcorn

Available in Original Caramel, Salted Egg, White Cheddar and Chocolate, this tub of popcorn manufactured by Chef Tony’s is only PHP 69! I got the Original Caramel which is quite nice and addictive. It actually reminded me a little of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Popcorn which is a collaboration with Chef Tony.  KK’s is, of course, more delicious but 7-Select is not far behind.

3. Selecta FROOTIE

Aside from Mochi Ku, Selecta has another ice cream offering in the form of FROOTIE ice cream sticks. It comes in two flavours Melon and Strawberry. Honestly, just take your pick because both are good. Just a little note, the Strawberry reminds me of a Rose Bandung drink which is great. Each costs PHP 45.

Bandung, sirap bandung, or air bandung is a drink popular in Southeast Asia and Indian subcontinent, notably in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. It consists of evaporated milk or condensed milk flavoured with rose syrup, giving it a pink colour. The drink is an adaptation of rose milk served in India. Wikipedia

4. C2 Milk Tea

I honestly thought I was done with milk tea but then C2 released two milk tea flavours – Chocolate and Wintermelon. I love chocolate, dark to be exact but I highly-recommend the Wintermelon. You don’t need pearls just ice cubes and a cold bottle of C2 Wintermelon Milk Tea. Each bottle costs PHP30.



5. Selecta’s UniCornetto

I did a little research and found out that this was released in Australia in August 2019. According to reports, this unicorn-themed cone called the UniCornetto tastes like magic. Sure, it looks magical and pretty. I mean purple and teal ice cream with strawberry sauce topped with multi-coloured crispy chocolate balls on a pink-coloured cone, I 100% agree. Aesthetics-wise, it is magical.

But it is not for me. I actually like the ice cream part but not the strawberry sauce. For me, that sauce ruined my magical experience. Btw, this costs PHP45. I think I’ll stick with the classic Cornetto Vanilla and Cornetto Cookies & Cream.

Would you like to try these, too? You can find all at 7-Eleven branches.

Happy eating!

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