Thoughts on A Second (2012), Short Film by Aaron Palabyab and Pong Ignacio

This is a classic case of me falling in love with a film even though it only ran for 5 minutes. Yes, as mentioned in my previous film review, short length film have the power to convey their message faster and stronger. In Aaron Palabyab and Pong Ignacio’s film “A Second” (2012), it gave me more than that.

But first, let’s talk about the film.

“A Second” was released in 2012 and was a finalist in the short film category of the Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2012. It is also an official selection in the International Film Festival Manhattan NYC 2012 and Shorts From the World section of the 15th International Eskisehir Film Festival. In November 2017 and February 2018, the film was shown on the Lifetime Channel Asia. But I found this film on FilmDoo.

A Second

Troubled by the memories of lost love, a young man attempts to lay his regrets to rest by recreating his story – but with a different ending.

“A Second” is simple, really. The guy played by Aaron Palabyab attempts to recreate his story. He wanted to know how it would look if it was him who left. Did you ever ask that question, yourself?

No need to answer. 🙂 Love can be complicated sometimes.

Going back, the film used the combination of music and montage as well as lines that strike. You know, the type that has a deep meaning, one that stimulates strong emotion. My favourite would be the last line. Let me tell you the moment he uttered that I was able to piece everything together. It’s like a magic word where my mind created instantly created their backstory.

“I want to know how it would look if I was the one who left.”

Sure, it only ran for a few minutes plus the montage only gave us a few glimpses but everything was enough for me, the viewer to understand where he is coming from and why he acts that way. Thus, I can say that “A Second” utilised and executed all the elements well making you think, see and accept the lead character’s resolution.

Also, I mentioned earlier that it gave me more. This 5-minute film reminded me of my film days. During class, we would watch various short films which vary in length and see how they play with the theme and elements as well as how they execute it in every scene. “A Second” looked could be one of the films, students study.

Moreover, “A Second” also reminded me of my struggles as a scriptwriter and cinematographer/ camerawoman to layout the scene with words and paint/capture the scenes. But that was years ago. It was not easy but it was always worth it.  IMDb 9/10

Anyway, you can catch this on FilmDoo. Happy viewing!

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