Budget-Friendly and Enjoyable Pizzas? Visit Alberto’s Pizza, Visayas Avenue

Are you a pizza lover? Then you know how expensive this savoury dish of Italian origin can be. With the number of pizza parlours; not to mention, the pizza selection we can’t help but indulge ourselves with a slice or a box of pizza. Nothing wrong there as long as we do it once in a while.

But if you really want to eat pizza on a budget there is this place in Visayas Avenue in Quezon City called Alberto’s Pizza. We’ve been their customer since the moment we tasted their pizza. Pretty sure that was the time I wasn’t taking photos of every dish I eat. But I do have a screenshot of my first Zomato review dated 2017.

The Place

Alberto’s Pizza is a small pizza place with seats available; however, I don’t recommend eating there when you are with a big group. You see, they only have a few seats available. The way I see it their set up is perfect for people who are waiting for their order and people dining alone or with a friend. But if you really want to eat there with your entire squad, make sure to leave after eating so other patrons can have their seat as well.

My family and I don’t really dine there because of that. So we have them delivered most of the time. What’s great about this is if you are near their area, delivery is FREE and there is NO MINIMUM order. Let me tell you that delivery is fast and their staff – the one who answers your call and the one who delivers – are very friendly.

The Pizzas

Now for the pizza. They do have quite a selection of pizza flavours with two types of cheese – quickmelt and mozzarella. We usually go for mozzarella because it tastes way better. And aside from the savoury pizza we all love, Alberto’s also offers dessert pizzas!

Yes, Alberto’s offer both savoury and dessert pizzas. We have tried several flavours but we have grown to love certain ones such as:

Garden Express
(Quickmelt: 9″ – PHP 115 | 11″ – PHP155 Mozzarella: 9″ – PHP 135 | 11″ – PHP180)

Chizzo Trio (Three Cheese)
(Combination of Quickmelt and Mozzarella: 9″ – PHP 120 | 11″ – PHP160)

(Quickmelt: 9″ – PHP 125 | 11″ – PHP165 Mozzarella: 9″ – PHP 145 | 11″ – PHP190)

Meatlvoers Deluxe
(Quickmelt: 9″ – PHP 170 | 11″ – PHP220 Mozzarella: 9″ – PHP 190 | 11″ – PHP245)

Cookies n’ Cheese
(Quickmelt: 9″ – PHP 95 | 11″ – PHP135 Mozzarella: 9″ – PHP 115 | 11″ – PHP155)

Sure, their pizza creations are simple and you can’t compare them to large pizza chains. Honestly, you really can’t because they are very different starting from the ingredients they use all the way to the process. But that does not mean small pizza chains like Alberto’s can’t offer good food and good experience. They can and frankly, they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 🙂

Carving for pizza? You can find Alberto’s Pizza at Visayas Avenue Extension Corner Ledesma Court Street, Culiat, Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

Happy eating!

Alberto's Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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