Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the OG Card

Ever since Krispy Kreme opened in the Philippines, I’ve been in love with their doughnuts especially with the Original Glazed one. It’s just perfect. If you haven’t tasted it then, you probably won’t understand.

No worries! If I may, I think now is a great time for you to try Krispy Kreme. The doughnut company and coffeehouse chain released the OG Card.

The OG Card

OG stands for “Original” and this is your key to glaze into the happy world of Krispy Kreme and score exclusive treats! First, you need to purchase the card which only costs Php 195 at any Krispy Kreme branch.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Trinom by Clarisays (1)
I removed the card number, okay? 🙂

Since my family and I were at the mall doing some grocery shopping, we decided to get ours at Krispy Kreme Trinoma. The staff asked us if we want it activated right away. Naturally, I said yes and he handed me a card swipe machine where I entered all the information needed. After completing, Krispy Kreme sent an email right away.

Using my smartphone, I clicked on the link and continued the registration and finally, a successful registration. In just a few seconds, Krispy Kreme sent another email containing the QR code for a FREE box of six Original Glazed Doughnuts. Just show this to the staff as well as your OG card and viola! You get a FREE box of six Original Glazed Doughnuts.

But that is not all!

As a Krispy Kreme OG Cardholder you:

  • get a FREE box of six Original Glazed Doughnuts when you purchase a dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts with the OG card. *Take note: Maximum of six (6) free box of Original Glazed Doughnuts per month.
  • get a FREE box of three Original Glazed Doughnuts on your birthday.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Trinom by Clarisays (3)

  • receive exclusive invites to Krispy Kreme happenings.
  • get first dibs on new products, promos and store updates.

The OG Card is valid for one year upon registration.

The Bakery/ Cafe

As mentioned, I got our OG card at Krispy Kreme’s Trinoma branch. I just want to share that this is the first Krispy Kreme I visited which means this is also where I first bought and tasted their Original Glazed Doughnuts.

And for my birthday on that same year, my highschool friends gifted me two dozen Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts. 🙂 It was really cool! Anyway, a lot has changed in this branch. Their place is bigger and can accommodate more people.

The only problem is the customers don’t seem to know how to return the chairs they take. Just a quick reminder for patrons and new customers, if you take a chair or something make sure to return it. Yes, the staff is there but you also have to be responsible as well. That includes your trash, too.

The Doughnuts

Now for the doughnuts. Krispy Kreme has quite a selection of delicious doughnuts as well as cakes. Unfortunately, they are not all doughnuts are available in all branches. I just wish bigger branches like this one carry more flavours like Mango Kreme Cake and other cake doughnuts I discovered at my new favourite branch.

But still, this branch is a good branch and has access to all types of entertainment for the whole family.

You can find lovely Krispy Kreme branch on the fourth floor of Trinoma Mall, Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City.

Happy eating!

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