Mantou & Other Asian Fusion Style Cuisine at The House of Mantou

Leaving Banawe Street and heading towards Quezon Avenue Northbound, a restaurant caught my family’s attention. It’s a two-storey building with red and yellow signs.that says The House of Mantou.

The Restaurant

We do not always pass by the area so we were not aware of this restaurant. But according to research, The House of Mantou was built on November 17, 2011. They offer Asian fusion style cuisine and uses only the freshest and finest ingredients. 

They have quite a menu which consists of dim sum, congee, soup, Mami, noodles plus a variety of beef, pork, seafood and vegetable dishes. The House of Mantou also has rice meals as well as Mantou sandwich platter, Chicken & Pork platter and Chicken & Beef Platter.

What about desserts? They also have a selection of rich and creamy leche flans such as Blueberry Flan, Matcha Delight and Creamy Classic plus house special milkshakes. And of course, do not forget to try their mantou or steam bun. The House of Mantou specializes in mantou and offers a variety such as fried, steamed, flavoured as well as ice cream mantou.

The Food

So what did we order and how was it? Well, we got the following:

Beancurd Roll (PHP 98)

Hacao (PHP98)

Fried Mantou Plain (PHP 78)

Beef Wanton Mami (PHP 148)

Mix Special Mami (PHP 168)

Beef Brisket Rice Meal (PHP 178)

We love the Beancurd Rolls which are stuffed with delicious fillings. Their Beef Wanton Mami and Mix Special Mami are good, too plus the serving ample. For the rice meal. We wanted to order the Pan Fried Chicken (Taiwan Style) but they already ran out. We were quite disappointed but we have to admit the second choice wasn’t a bad one. Beef Brisket Rice Meal is tender, savoury and satisfying.

As mentioned, The House of Mantou specializes in mantou so we tried their plain fried mantou which comes with condensed milk dip. We’ve had mantou before but this is the best one. It’s golden, light and tasty. It can honestly be enjoyed with dips or eaten plain.

We really enjoyed our meal. In fact, we are actually planning on visiting again to try their other mantou varieties. I just hope that they improve their service. 

The Service

Though our first dining experience was great, the service was just okay. The staff were nice but they weren’t paying attention. We arrived around 6 PM and ordered our food. They served the right dishes but got one drink wrong which is fine because it’s still Coke. But when the other customer ordered a dish, they served it on our table which we corrected immediately.

Another problem is the staff were too noisy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to each other but do it properly. Besides that, everything is okay.

Would you like to try their mantou as well? You can find The House of Mantou at 370 Quezon Avenue, Tatalon, Quezon City.

Happy eating!

The House of Mantou Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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