Tamarind: Taste of Issan Thai, The Block, SM North EDSA

One Sunday morning, my family and I decided to search for a nice restaurant at the mall. Sure, malls are busy on a weekend but if you plan to eat after hearing the mass then it’s the best place to be. They basically have it all!

So after finding a parking space at SM North EDSA’s new building, we did a little walking and ended up at a place called Tamarind: Taste of Thai. We’ve been to this mall countless times but that was the first time we passed by that area. Thus, we didn’t hesitate to try it.

The Restaurant

As my abuelita and I were walking towards the restaurant, we can already see how beautiful their interiors are. It’s wooden chairs and tables, displays as well as warm lighting gives you a homey feel which is a plus point.

The only prob is their layout.

They have the typical chairs and tables as well as a couch area. Since a big family occupied the centre area, we were seated at the couch which is located on the right side of the restaurant. Couches are fine. It’s definitely more comfortable especially for the elderly. However, the tables were too near which means going to and fro is a struggle.

People at the table beside you would be distracted when you go and take your seat on the couch, especially when you leave. Yeah, when you’re busog or full it’s gonna be difficult to stand. There is not much space. Since I’m with my Abuelita, it became more difficult.

The Service

The staff is courteous and easy to talk to, especially the waiter assisting us. We didn’t get his name but he was able to handle the situation professionally. You see, the place was not that full when we arrived. There were only two small families which we will name Family 1 and Family 2 plus one big family who were at the centre.

Family 1 were already eating while Family 2 were waiting for their food. The big family already had some food on their table but they were still waiting for the rest of their order because there some more family members coming in.

After placing our order, the waiter went to the kitchen to give the orders. As he was doing that, a few more families entered the restaurant. The waiter took their orders and then begun serving Family 2. Then a few minutes passed and then more and we still haven’t gotten our food.

So we followed up and another waiter served our drinks and then the rice and Kor Moo Yang. That wasn’t all our order so we followed up. The first waiter who served us came to our table and informed us that our initial choice of dish is no longer available because they ran out of it. He was apologetic and instantly suggested the fastest food they can cook. True to his word, he served it after a few.

Things like this happen and it is alright as long you inform the customer right away. It took a long time for them to inform us. My only concern is that we were with my abuelita and you know how the elderly are. Good thing, the first waiter who assisted us handled it well.

Despite our first experience, we will return to this branch in 2020. Why? Because they handled it well which is basically good service plus the food is great. I’m also quite sure our next experience will be better.

The Food

As a foodie and when I’m dining alone, I love trying new restaurants. But when I’m with my family it’s going to be a different approach. Not only do I have to consider the budget, but I also have to explain the offerings to my abuelita. Then I also have to make sure she can enjoy the food.

Kor Moo Yang: Thai Grilled Bacon Cut Pork Belly (PHP340)

Mixed Sate (PHP250)

Garlic Fried Rice (PHP150)

Mint Lemon Grass (PHP70)

The food we ordered plus the Mixed Sate which the waiter suggested were all good. It’s was quite pricey but it’s delicious and satisfying. The Kor Moo Yang even the Mixed Sate was both tender and flavourful. My abuelita didn’t have a difficult time chewing it. There was no slice of food wasted that lovely lunch.

You can find Tamarind: Taste of Issan Thai on the ground floor of The Block, SM City North EDSA, Bago Bantay, Quezon City

Happy eating!

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