Finally Found This Beautiful Can of Coca-Cola with Coffee!

In case you didn’t hear the news,  Coca-Cola with Coffee was made available at selected MiniStop branches late last year for a limited time.  I tried to get my hands on this coffee-flavoured cola but couldn’t find one. I even checked various supermarkets near me but nothing.

Eventually, I forgot about all about it!

Fast forward to New Year’s Day.  I knew traffic will be light that day so I took my family to a mall I’ve been wanting to visit. Actually, there are several malls I wanted to visit but Ayala Malls The 30th was on the top of my list because this restaurant I’ve been meaning to try has a branch there.

As predicted, the road was clear. But since mall hours were altered for the holiday season,  the mall was set to open at 11 AM. Good thing, we arrived just a few minutes early. So we got out of the car went towards the elevator. As we were walking towards it, I noticed a vending machine and a sign that says, “Coca-Cola with COFFEE”!


So grabbed one before we went home! Take note, this Coca-Cola with COFFEE can cost PHP 50.  It also says at the back of the can that it was manufactured by Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Limited. Yep, it’s a product of Vietnam imported and distributed in the Philippines by Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc.

When I opened it, you can really smell coffee. When I poured it on a vintage Coca-Cola low ball glass, the colour remains the same but this one has more carbonation or fizz which disappears quickly.

What about the taste? It’s like eating a coffee candy and drinking Coca-Cola at the same time. The taste is quite balanced actually. They really don’t overpower each other which I found enjoyable.

Sadly, I didn’t buy more. I really should have gotten another can. I hope I can find another vending machine with this at a mall near me.

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  1. Zane D says:

    Great reading your ppost


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