I am grateful and also thankful…

Hola! Kumusta?

If you follow my blog closely, you know I have a monthly post I call Blog Roundup which focuses on the previous month’s blog posts and events. It also contains announcements of new projects and so on. You also know that I didn’t post one for December 2019.

The reason is I want this to be my last post for this year. In fact, I am writing this a few hours before 2020 comes in.

Grateful and Thankful

With that, I would like to say that I am both grateful and thankful. I had another one of those intense rollercoaster rides in 2019. That is why I am grateful and thankful for there are people I know helped me.  Plus, there were people who follow me on social media who messaged me wondering what I’m up to lately because I failed to post new content.

Thank you so much for understanding and sticking around. I hope my post was able to help you when you were searching for a restaurant, a recipe or a movie review. If not, I would be happy to hear your thoughts. You can ask me which restaurants you want me to visit and which food to try. You can ask me to make whatever dish comes to your mind. You can even suggest a movie or a TV series you want me to review.

I would really love that. 🙂

2020 Plans

Since it’s the end of another year, I know people are sharing their goals for the next. I, of course, have several ideas, goals and wishes but I honestly do not want to plan anymore. If I can, then I will do them and share it with you – that is if I can. Meaning, if it’s for sharing. 🙂

But I do have one I would like to share. Could you please check out my social media sites? I’m on Facebook and Instagram plus I also have IGTV and YouTube. If you can follow me on all that would be great. But if not, maybe you can just pick a site you’re comfortable using. And then maybe, you can talk to me there, too. 🙂

Let’s share ideas and opinions. Help me make ClariSays.com even better. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger or not, let’s be friends online and spread great ideas and happy conversations. Okay?

P.S Make sure to also turn your machine off, okay? It’s nice to be online but there are also people we care about offline. ❤

Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo!


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