Avoid the Christmas Rush with SpeedRegalo Inc.

Traffic will always be there especially during the holiday season. That is why I am a hundred per cent sure you have been having problems getting from point A to point B. Would you like some help?

I was not aware of this company before. But after stumbling upon them, I decided to check their website especially the products they have. That company is called SpeedRegalo Inc.

SpeedRegalo Inc.

Speed means fast while regalo is a Filipino word which translates to gift in English. Basically, the company is an online shopping website – http://www.speedregalo.com where they offer a variety of proudly Philippine-made products. Each of these is sourced from small communities from different regions.

If you need anything and need it delivered right away or scheduled, all you need to is check their website and see if they carry that specific product. While browsing, I saw cakes, gift baskets, wine set even flowers perfect for all occasions. Yes, ALL!

Want to avoid Christmas rush? Why not try this hassle-free shopping with fast nationwide delivery? You know what? Let me share with you my experience.

My SpeedRegalo Experience

As mentioned, I was browsing their website and saw several great products some of which I am not familiar with. But there is one brand that caught my attention and instantly thought of surprising my abuelita with that plus a Christmas basket.

It’s called The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams. Besides the lovely packaging, I was intrigued by the unique flavour combinations. But first, let me share what I got:

The Products

  • HONEY FOR A CAUSE (PHP390): This is a collection of four kinds of honey – Abra, French Ginger, French Polyflora, and Truffle placed in a 45g hexagon bottle.

  • THE CIRCUS DISCOVERY SET (PHP410): This is a fun collection of six assorted potion jams – Calamansi Brandy, Berry Duet, Mango Ginger, Mango Lavender, Orange Marmalade, and Strawberry in a cute 30g bottle.

  • PASTA SET (PHP870): This set contains 12 items namely – Jolly Pure Goodness (Mushrooms) 400g, McCormick (White Pepper Ground) 31g, McCormick (Nutmeg Ground) 37g, Del Monte Quality (Filipino Style Tomato Sauce) 250g, Eden Original Cheese 165g, Del Monte Quality (Spaghetti Pasta Italiana) 900g, Del Monte Quality (Filipino Style Tomato Sauce) 250g, Alaska Crema (All-Purpose Cream) 250mL, Palm (Corned Beef with Juice) 326g, Del Monte Quality ( Fiesta Fruit Cocktail) 432g, Alaska (Condensada) 321g and Nestle Cream. All these are placed in a basket complete with a card message.

The Check Out

After adding these into the cart, I checked out and hit a little detour. Then I noticed their support chat is just right there in the corner. I messaged them and they replied instantly making me forget that small detour.

By the way, there is a delivery fee which varies. In Metro Manila, the first 5 kilos is PHP250 with an additional rate of PHP25/kg. You also have an option to enter when you would like this delivered and what you would like to add in the card message.

P.S You can check all the rates here including Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The Delivery

The packages were delivered to the north, Quezon City and it came from the south, Parañaque City. The delivery was swift plus you will be receiving updates. Kuya delivery guy will also take a photo of you and send it to SpeedRegalo. Their support, in turn, will send this photo over to you making sure the person you sent it to received it.

With the range of products and the kind of service, I honestly think that the surprise package is worth it. Like most people, I too, am busy. Sure, there are Christmas baskets at supermarkets and you can create your own. But if you are too busy as in you are busy helping out another department because it’s the last month of the year, I don’t think you will have enough time. Plus, this one is really packed and I also discovered a new brand. My abuelita loved The Fruit Garden offerings especially the jam.

For an occasion like this, I would not hesitate to try SpeedRegalo again especially if the person is far from me. But that does not mean I will not visit the person I am sending it to. It’s the traffic and travelling time I don’t want to see and experience, not the person. Okay? 🙂

Oh, by the way, would you like to know more about The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams? I’ll be writing a separate review so make sure to follow my blog and/or my social media accounts so you don’t miss it!


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