Let’s Drive Around the City of Manila & See Their Christmas Lights

During the holiday season, my family and would always drive around Metro Manila to check out the lights. But since it’s getting quite difficult to predict traffic, we pretty much go with the flow.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday or a weekend. As long as we are not busy that day and the following, we’ll drive to a certain location like this video here – #MaliwanagAngPasko | Tara na sa #MeralcoLiwanagPark. This was taken last year but we will go there again this again. Wait for that video, okay?

Or, we simply drive around a city like what we did this month.

We all heard the news about changes for a better city. I was really curious what Manila would look like this year. And let me tell you, we weren’t disappointed. There are several lights in the city. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture them entirely.

We weren’t able to get out of the car because we wanted to see various places such as the Manila City Hall, Roxas Blvd and CCP Complex. So I decided to capture it using our dash cam and whatever my camera can. And here they are!

There are footage I could not add in such as the lights in Luneta Park, the giant Christmas Tree, Nativity Scene and more because there were bigger vehicles blocking the view. My camera can zoom in to capture it but it’s really blocked. I couldn’t even take a proper photo.

Who knows, maybe on another day I can shoot at a near distance? But I’ll probably share it on Instagram: ClariSays or ClariCaptures instead since I already made this video.

Still, I hope you like what I shared with you. 🙂

✨🎄 Here’s my HOLIDAY PLAYLIST! 🎄✨

Maligayang Pasko! ❤

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