Mango or Guava? PIK-A-PIKEL Now at 7-Eleven Stores!

Mangga or mango is the national fruit of the Philippines. This lovely fruit is heart-shaped with a single flat seed. Unripe ones have a smooth green skin and crunchy flesh while the ripe ones have yellow skin with a soft, sweet, and juicy pulp. 

If you prefer the unripe ones, then you will love Pik-a-Pikel’s products that comes in a jar or pouch! Pik-a-Pikel founded by Victor Antonio B. Nola Jr, a.k.a Tony, started in 2011 where he joined bazaars in the metro to sell his homemade creations which was a hit!

So when he was given the opportunity, he grabbed it, researched and planned well. Would you like to know his story and how Pik-a-Pikel make their pickled mangoes? Here you go! 🙂 

Did you see those mangoes in the video? I started to crave when I saw that. I’ve actually tried making my own when I was younger for Home Economics class. Honestly, it was a lot of work and the end result wasn’t that great. I haven’t had the chance to taste another pickled mango (burong mangga) because it’s not always available.

That is why I was happy I got the chance to try Pik-a-Pikel’s Pickled Mango Original and let me tell you it’s really good. I’ve been busy with work lately so I prepared a simple lunch with my family over the weekend. To make it more special, I set up our meal at our mini garden area and I leveled up our simple lunch with these lovely pickled mangoes. My abuelita and ninong loved it!

Pickled Mango Original 350g

Filipinos know that pickled mango (burong mangga) is best paired with fried or grilled food! But if you want to use them as a side dish, appetizer or ingredient, you can check out their recipes here.

Oh, you can eat them as a snack, too! After consuming the mango at lunch, we ate the pickled guava at merienda. Just a little tip! The slices can be too big for seniors. Before serving this one to my abuelita, I had to slice them thinly so it would be easier for her to chew. The mango though wasn’t a problem because they have a smoother texture.

Pickled Guava Original 350g

Would you like to try these, too? Get ready for a whole new level of pickle experience because Pik-a-Pikel is now available at selected 7-Eleven stores in Metro Manila! They have other products such as the spicy version of these two plus Pickled Papaya, Mango Salsa and Papaya Salsa which are available in original and spicy flavour.

Oh! Here’s an idea. Why not gift these to your family and friends this Christmas?! It’s delicious plus you’re supporting Filipino made products 🙂

Happy eating!

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