SeaKing’s Ready To Eat Bottled Bangus

On our last grocery shopping, we stumbled upon this glorious bottled bangus (milkfish). These are ready to eat bottled bangus by SeaKing and it comes in different flavours – Bangus Authentic Binagoongan, Bangus Spanish Style, Bangus Adobo Classic, Bangus Bicol Express, Bangus Oriental Tausi, Bangus In Hot & Spicy Tomato Sauce, Bangus Flakes In Oil and Bangus In tomato sauce.

I personally haven’t tried SeaKing or, maybe I am not aware. You see SeaKing has a lot of products. Here’s a short background:

SeaKing is a brand under Superb Catch Inc. This company was established in 1999 by four siblings and now has its own processing plant located in Malabon City. SeaKing has a wide product line used to focus on Bangus products but is now serving other fish products such as Tilapia, Roundscad (Galunggong) and Hasa-Hasa. Moreover, they have recently launched their Instant Chef series which feature Cream Dory dishes served in restaurants.

I would like to try their other products but in this blog post, I will share with you the products we bought – SeaKing Bangus Bicol Express and SeaKing Bangus In Tomato Sauce.

Each bottle has a net weight of 7.76oz or 220g and costs PHP112.50. Yes, it’s quite affordable plus there are several variants to choose from. When I opened the bottle, I can see that the bangus slices were intact and decent sized. What about the taste? Well, it does taste good but I honestly prefer the Bangus Bicol Express because of the flavour.

We enjoyed these two over rice. But if you love pasta, I honestly think the SeaKing Bangus In Tomato Sauce, Bangus Flakes In Oil and Bangus Spanish Style would work well. Which reminds me! I would love to try their Bangus Spanish Style and the Bangus Adobo Classic next.

How about you? Would you like to try these, too? We bought these at SM Cherry for PHP112.50/each!

Happy eating!

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