Christmas Gift? How About Menggay’s Gourmet Tuyo!

You’ve probably seen those bottled fish creations all over social media and weekend markets. These creations have been around for a long time but it’s only this year that they are being recognized, all thanks to social media.

Honestly, I love them! They are delicious and perfect as a gift. I know there are several choices in the market but I recently got to try Menggay’s bottled fish creations. They have Gourmet Tuyo with garlic & olive oil, Smoky Barbecue Bangus and Spanish Style Sardines. Oh, they also have Chili Garlic in olive oil!

My favourite is the Gourmet Tuyo with garlic & olive oil. You can level up your everyday meal or share it with family and friends this Christmas.

  • Gourmet Tuyo with garlic & olive oil Php 140
  • Smoky Barbecue Bangus Php 180
  • Spanish Style Sardines Php 160
  • Chili Garlic in olive oil Php 120

For orders, 09156415200

Happy eating!

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