Have You Tried McDonald’s New Holiday Desserts?

Do you love coffee, tea, or me? Kidding! 🙂 Whichever you love, you will surely find something you will like in McDonald’s new holiday desserts lineup!

McDonald’s Philippines recently launched their new holiday desserts such as:
🎄Rich Chocolate Pie
🎄Brown Sugar Sundae w/ Pearls
🎄Coffee Mc Flurry w/ Oreo
🎄Classic or Wintermelon Milk Tea w/ Brown Sugar Pearls

I like the Rich Chocolate Pie because it’s not too sweet. In fact, it is quite bitter which I appreciate as I am a fan of dark chocolate. Another one I liked is the Coffee Mc Flurry w/ Oreo. Now this one is sweet; however, the coffee flavour and Oreo flavour and texture combination made it good.

What about the rest? Well, I do love milk tea but I have already found the tea shops that I like. With that, I have already lost the urge to try new milk teas in the market but I have already tried the Classic or Wintermelon Milk Tea when they first came out.

Honestly, it’s really not good. With this new lineup where they added in the Brown Sugar Pearls, it didn’t make the milk teas better. (Or, it’s just me.)


Moreover, I’ve actually mentioned it before that adding Brown Sugar Pearls (the big ones you see on milk teas) in any type of dessert is crucial. If it’s not cooked well, it will ruin the dessert. This is what happened to us when we bought these desserts.

In addition, pearls don’t always belong in a certain type of dessert. The Brown Sugar Sundae w/ Pearls is a great case in point. Sundae is already perfect on its own.

BUT please don’t stop yourself from trying these desserts. This is just my opinion. People’s tastes vary, WIDELY! 🙂 So who knows, you might like what I don’t and vice versa. ❤

Ahywho, happy eating!

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