LOOK | Petron x Pagani Hypercar Desk Collectible

Have you seen Petron’s latest collectibles? For every P250 worth of fuel or lube purchase, a customer may buy 1 limited-edition Petron x Pagani Hypercar Die-Cast Desk Collectible for P250 at any participating Petron station nationwide. This promo was originally available from September 15 to October 15, 2019, but is now extended to November 16, 2019.

If you want one, make sure to visit the near Petron station today!

Desk Collectibles

It says on the box that there are three collectibles but I only saw two available collectibles at the nearest Petron branch. I got the Car Seat Phone Holder and Brake Disc Alarm Clock. The third is called the Engine Organizer which I am trying to find.

The Car Seat Phone Holder is quite heavy. It has a magnetic cover that can be attached on the back part of the seat for safekeeping. The phone holder can also be adjusted. Simply push the button located at the lower back and the car sides will open up allowing different mobile phone sizes to fit. If you need to charge your phone, there is a hole at the bottom where you can insert the cable.

The Brake Disc Alarm Clock is very hefty so be careful. This alarm clock has luminous markers and hands helping you see the time even when it’s dark. To adjust the time or set the alarm, there are nobs at the back. You can actually move the clock – left and right.

I really like these two as they are quite useful. With how they were made, I’m sure these two will last a long time. I just hope I get my hands on the third one -Engine Organizer. If you found one, could you please message me which branch before time runs out? 🙂 *Thanks heaps!

Also, would you like a quick look at the two available Petron x Pagani Hypercar die-cast desk collectibles I got? Here’s a short video. I hope you subscribe as well! 🙂


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