Limited-Edition KitKat Gold and KitKat Popcorn: Break One and Pass!

If you know me personally, then you know how much I love KitKat. In fact, when a family or a friend of mine goes to Japan I would ask them to bring home a KitKat for me.

So far I have tried the original (of course), Dark Chocolate, Green Tea, Green Tea Bites, Hazelnut Crunch, Hokkaido Melon, Peanut Butter Chunky, Sakura Matcha, Strawberry Cheesecake and a lot more. I just couldn’t find all the photos but I do remember tasting different types of Green Tea KitKats because I was once obsessed with it. 🙂 (Who am I kidding? I still am!)

So when a blogger friend of mine said that there is a Popcorn-flavoured KitKat available, I immediately went to the nearest 7-Eleven. That was where she bought hers. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it at the branch I visited. So when we did our grocery shopping at Puregold hypermarket yesterday, I tried to look for it. Sadly, nothing.

But earlier today I stopped by SM Cherry and found several KitKats! The best part of that side trip is that I found another flavour – a limited edition GOLD KitKat. Since I was there already, I decided to get other flavours as well – my favourite Dark Chocolate and Green Tea!

So how do the Limited-Edition KitKat Gold (PHP 54.50)and Limited-Edition KitKat Popcorn (PHP 53/2pcs) taste?

They are good; however, I am disappointed with the popcorn one. It smells like popcorn which is good but I didn’t love the taste. I’d rather eat a real one. Limited-Edition KitKat Gold, on the other hand, is amazing! I love it. It smells like melting butter in a Teflon pan before dolloping circles of pancake batter. It tastes like burnt caramel wafer covered with golden-white chocolate. It’s lovely!

Happy eating!

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