Here’s Some Cornetto Milk Tea Ice Cream Cone For You

I love milk tea. But after exploring various milk tea shops in the Metro, I found a few that is really worth coming back to. Truthfully, I only visit those shops and I don’t give new milk tea shops a second glance anymore (except when their name sounds funny. Trust me, there are a lot!).

However, I found something interesting one day. I wanted to get a snack before heading home so I passed by this newly-opened 7-Eleven branch near our village. As I passed by the ice cream section on my way to the cashier, my eye caught the words – MILK TEA.

As a foodie, I instantly grabbed one then paid. As a blogger, I took photos before eating and here they are.

Cornetto’s new milk tea flavoured ice cream cone costs PHP 30. As I was peeling the paper, the smell of milk tea filled the air. When I tasted the Cornetto Disc on top, I was surprised. The disc is made of milk chocolate with cereal pearls. I guess this is their version of the brown sugar flavour and replacement for the sinkers. I enjoyed it good mainly because of the cereals’ texture.

Now for the ice cream itself. It does taste like milk tea; however, it is too sweet for me. You see, I usually go for 25% sugar. But recently, I have now replaced it with an alternative. Since this is an ice cream cone, it is impossible to have the sugar adjusted. Plus, I thought that maybe I have outgrown my love for sweets.

So what I did was I asked my younger cousins aged 8 and above to try Cornetto’s new milk tea flavoured ice cream cone. They like it! I also asked my uncle and abuelita to try it and they did not like it. I, therefore, conclude that Cornetto’s new milk tea flavoured ice cream cone is not for everyone.

Though it is sweet for me, I feel that I will want to eat Cornetto’s new milk tea flavoured ice cream cone during summer. That is usually the time my sweet ice cream cravings show. 🙂

SEE: This was posted on April 15, 2019. *April and May are the hottest months in the Philippines. I love the Matcha Cookie.

Would you like to try Cornetto’s new milk tea flavoured ice cream cone, too? I bought ours at 7-Eleven but I checked out SM Cherry and they sell it there. Let me know your thoughts, okay?

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