The Proton Resurgence Brought Back Painful Memories

I am currently binge-watching The Big Bang Theory on Netflix. Yes, the series has ended with 12 Seasons and a total of 279 episodes but it’s one of the best and biggest TV shows in recent history. Plus, I wasn’t able to watch all of it because we cut our cable eons ago to save money.

Anywho! In Season 6, Episode 22 (133) titled “The Proton Resurgence” they featured a character named Professor Proton. Arthur Jeffries, Ph.D.—a.k.a. Professor Proton— was a former children’s science show host who was hired by Sheldon and Leonard to entertain them. There was one scene that caught me off guard which resulted in me not being able to process the entire episode because I was tearing up. Besides that, I also found myself fixed on one memory.

Let me give you a context.

There was a time when my abuelito (grandfather, lolo or papang) had to go back to work because we needed money. I’m pretty sure you have a lot of questions like why? What about your parents? *blah blah blah I am sorry but I can’t tell you the reasons; however, I can tell you two things. One, there’s no one. Two, there are people (related or not) in this world who doesn’t care if they ruin friendships, families… lives. So be careful out there.

Going back. We did not want my abuelito to work again. He deserves a good rest, a comfortable life because he did everything for our family. That is why I told him that I am willing to stop and work for the meantime. But he did not let me. He said that once I stop, I might find it harder to go back to school and education is very important. He also said that while he can still provide, I will continue going to school. Because I respect him and I know he wants the best for me, I did.

And because I love him so, the first thing I do when I wake up is pray for his safety. Then I eat breakfast with him and walk side-by-side to the jeepney terminal. When it’s my stop, I would wave goodbye and say another prayer. I would even ask God to send my Guardian Angel so that he has two. When class ends, I always rush home to stand on our sofa and stare out the window.

Why? Because it allows me to see farther. It allows me to see my abuelito walking home from work. That also gives me enough time to run up to him and help him. I did this my entire highschool life.

As I started college, I got more worried because my schedule is just impossible. I leave too early and arrive too late. One day, I finally got the chance to stand on my spot near the window but I did not see him there. He wasn’t there on schedule. Suddenly, a white taxi parked in front of our house and then I saw strangers assisting my abuelito.

Something bad happened to him on his way to the jeepney terminal. Take note, he was just one ride home. Thank God for He sent abuelito more Guardians Angels in the form of three kind strangers who were in a cab. They just happen to pass by  the area and when they saw my abuelito, they offered him a ride home.

After that incident, I made him a card with his full name, address and phone number. He would even joke and ask me to write “When lost, please return to” instead of “In case of emergency”. My abuelita and I laughed but deep inside we were so worried. I also remember I made him two sets of cards with different colors. One I placed inside his bag and another in his pocket.

Seeing this scene in The Big Bang Theory (Season 6 Episode 22) brought back those painful memories.

You see, I had a wish and it was to be born earlier so that when he started that business I was old enough to help him. I was old enough to protect him from those people and I’ll make sure to make both my abuelito and abuelita live a comfortable life.

The Big Bang Theory - Professor Proton

Sadly, I was born late (but I’m happy to be a Dragon). And on my second year in college, he left us. Take note, he already stopped working that year just when we were all getting back on our feet. That was September 9, 2006 which means it’s almost 13 years. It honestly took me a long time to accept everything but all is good now. I know he’s in a beautiful place. Plus, I still have my abuelita with me.

Grandparent’s Day

Since  this Sunday, September 8 is Grandparent’s Day, make sure to visit them. Maybe you can take them to church with the whole family and enjoy a lovely day. But if they’re no longer with you, make sure to light them a candle and say a prayer. Also, please don’t stop there.

Even if it’s not Grandparent’s Day, Christmas or whatever holiday, do visit them. They would love to hear your stories and they would be happy to share theirs, too.

Me? My relatives and I are visiting my abuelito on Sunday after mass. Since the cemetery is near our home, we visit him every other Sunday and on special occasions. Then we’ll have a lovely lunch because it’s my abuelita’s birthday on September 6. (I know, a few days after her birthday abuelito passed away.) 🌷

Thank you for reading. It wasn’t easy sharing something personal.

❤️ Clari

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