Want Hopia? Go Visit Polland… at La Loma, Quezon City

For those who are familiar, I’m pretty sure you didn’t question the extra letter. But if you did question it well, I’m happy to inform you that I did not misspell Polland – unless I’m referring to the country which I am not.

Polland or Polland Hopia is a hopia factory. They have been making delicious AND authentic mung bean cakes (Hopia) since in 1966. Why Polland? The reason behind this is simple – it was founded by Mrs. Po. With her recipes which withstood the test of time, Polland Hopia is still the choice of many may it be for a snack or a pasalubong.

In fact, there were people coming in and out when my family and I passed by their store in La Loma, Quezon City. Actually, we didn’t know they had a branch there. My family and I were in the area because I visited my friend. On our way home, my tio was driving the car suddenly and carefully parked in front of a dragon (or lion) statue. Yeah, it was the first thing I saw. 😀 Anywho, he told my abuelita, “Tiene gale Polland aqui!” (Oh, there’s Polland here!) When my abuelita looked in the window, she told me to accompany her because she wanted to buy hopia.

Wanna see our visit? I included it on this week’s vlog. Hope you make your stay official by SUBSCRIBING to my YouTube Channel. 🙂 Time – 4:44

When we got out, that’s when I noticed a cool looking and colourful store. As we went in, I was amazed by the variety of products they offer. They have all kinds of hopia, mooncakes, tikoy and more.

Here’s a trivia!

When Polland first started, they only had two flavours: the Sweet and the Salty. Decades later, these were sill Polland’s specialties which we know as Mongo Special and Hopia Baboy. *Hopia Baboy wasn’t available that time as per DFA.

So what did we get? We had the Mongo Special (Yellow Mung Bean Cake) as well as the Hopia Dice Mongo plus Hopia Durian, Hopia Hapon and Hopia Mahu.

They’re all really good especially the Mongo Special but Hopia Hapon captured my heart. What really surprised us though was the Hopia Mahu(Pork floss). We were not familiar with that type of hopia but because we were curious, we grabbed the regular one. It was flaky on the outside like any authentic Chinese Style Hopia. On the inside was a weird but delicious texture. They also have a spicy version but I like the one we got.

Will we come back? Heck, yeah! I would like to try the other flavours and perhaps grab a box of their mooncake. Want to grab some, too? You can find Polland Hopia at 670 Mayon Street, La Loma, Quezon City.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
Happy eating!

Polland Hopia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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