Guilt-Free Milk Tea? Keto-Friendly Coffee? One UltraKappu, Please!

I know it’s hard to believe but guilt-free and healthy milk tea options do exist, all thanks to the newest milk tea bar in the metro. The place is called UltraKappu Milk Tea Bar located at Bali Garden Residences, South Zuzuarragui Street, Old Balara Quezon City.

UltraKappu (urutorakappu) literally means “ULTRA CUP”. They are a 100% Filipino startup with a name and theme loosely inspired by Japanese superheroes like Ultraman. Cool, eh? I think it’s super! Their ingredients; however, are imported from the original birthplace of milk tea which is Taiwan. But other than that UltraKappu is a minimalist milk tea bar from the ambience all the way to the drinks they offer.

What do I mean, you ask?

Don’t all tea shops offer an extremely Instagram-worthy space and a very wide menu? Not UltraKappu because they have eliminated all the unnecessary elements but still give you a great milk tea experience.

You see, their milk tea bar may be small but they offer a great space for their customers. Here they can chill or get some work done without being disturbed. You can even take fabulous photos even with a minimalist design!

As for their drinks, UltraKappu offers a great variety where you only have to choose among these four categories: Milk Kappu, Milk Tea Kappu, Coffee Kappu, and Fruit Kappu. Under these are just a few selections which are one guilt-free. This means that you can adjust the sugar level, remove it entirely or use a sugar substitute. And two, UltraKappu offers sugar-free and keto-friendly drinks like the Almond Milk Tea and their Bulletproof coffees.

Did I lose you on the word “bulletproof”? No worries.

Bulletproof coffee is made with unsalted butter and MCT oil. It helps maintain energy levels, prevent hunger and improves mental focus. UltraKappu offers three Bulletproof coffee available in black, mocha, and white. If in case you’re concerned about the number of calories, fat, carbs and protein, you can request to see UltraKappu’s keto drink macro sheet. It’s also worth mentioning that UltraKappu has an ala carte menu and add-ons which allows you to build your own healthy tea.

You can choose between Assam Black Tea and Jasmine Tea plus toppings such as: pearl, salty cream, cloud, Oreo, pudding, grass jelly, popping boba, nata, konnyaku (made from the konjac plant, native to Japan. It is high in fibre and has almost zero calories with no sugar, no fat, and no protein), MCT oil (a supplement often added to smoothies, bulletproof coffee and salad dressings) and butter.

Wanna know my favourite drinks?

Brown Sugar Boba, Bulletproof White and Oreo Milk Cloud

Brown Sugar Boba

I know that this is a staple flavour but I have to admit UltraKappu’s version is good. It’s not too sweet like the ones I usually have.

Bulletproof White

It’s my first time encountering the brand Bulletproof plus I really don’t know anything about keto or any type of diet, except maybe the one for my illness (not gonna share, sorry). Since I’m really a coffee drinker, I decided to give this a shot. Boy, I made the right choice as it’s really delicious and quite strong just the way I like it.

Oreo Milk Cloud

This drink makes you feel like your up in the clouds. I’ve had Oreo before, we all have but this concoction is unique. It’s not too sweet nor creamy. The taste and texture are just right fulfilling your milk tea cravings.

Drinking Bulletproof White coffee helped me throughout the day. Trust me, that day was a long and tiring one but I was able to manage. I can say that it was a very productive one.

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Want to try their guilt-free drinks or make your own healthy drink? You can find UltraKappu flagship Milk Tea Bar on the second floor of Bali Garden Residences, South Zuzuarregui Street, Old Balara, Quezon City. Facebook | Instagram

P.S. Thank you Jellybeans in the City for the invite.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
Happy eating!

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