SBS Inkigayo Sandwich is Finally in the Philippines

Do you love K-pop? If yes, then you’ve probably heard about Korea’s favourite idol sandwich. If not, then I’m very happy to share with you all about the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich.

SBS stands for Seoul Broadcasting System, a national South Korean television and radio network company while Inkigayo is the network’s music program. Since the sandwich is exclusively available inside the SBS Inkigayo’s Studio, it was known as the Inkigayo Sandwich.

So what’s in it, you ask? Well, the Inkigayo Sandwich has three layers of goodness – egg and crab mayo, strawberry jam and coleslaw. This sandwich gain popularity because it is the go-to snack of several famous Korean idols like Astro, Blackpink, BTS, G-Dragon, (G)-IDLE, Gugudan, ITZY, Jeong Sewoon, MonstaX, NCT, Pristin, Red Velvet, Seventeen, SNUPER, Sunmi, Taeyon, and Twice!

If you’re a fan of any or all of these idols, I’m pretty sure you’ll get curious. I definitely did!

So when I received an invitation from the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich PH, I was beyond excited. I was ecstatic to try the Idol Sandwich. Would you like a glimpse? Here’s a short video of the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich PH Launching Event. Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon for notifications.

In a nutshell, a sandwich with three different layers sounds weird. But the layers are quite interesting to be honest! So after taking a bite of all the layers (as per instruction by Ms Andrea Amado, President at Amado Group Corporation and the person who brought the Inkigayo Sandwich in the country), there really was a unique burst of flavours which work well together. I wouldn’t mind having this once in a while. I just hope they’ll have a branch near me very soon.

By the way, the sandwich costs PHP 129.  If you want to grab one, you can catch their pop up store at Robinson’s Ermita this June 24 (Monday), 12nn. Make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram account for the details.

So, are you ready to take a bite?

2 responses to “SBS Inkigayo Sandwich is Finally in the Philippines”

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  2. […] Inkigayo Sandwich a.k.a the Korean Idol sandwich is snack that’s exclusively available inside SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) Inkigayo’s Studio’s cafeter… and is best known to be enjoyed by K-POP groups who perform at that […]


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