5 Filipino Snacks From My Childhood & Snacks I Currently Love

The School Year 2019-2020 has begun… for some. Other schools are set to open classes in July or August. But over the weekend I saw a number of families shopping for back-to-school essentials at the mall. It’s heartwarming to see families together; not to mention, the smile on all the kids’ faces when they find the bag or lunch box they want.

As I pass by that scene, memories of my elementary days came rushing in and then to my lovely grandparents who took good care of me. I remember my grandfather always made sure I have one cup of rice, egg, meat and milk for breakfast plus vitamins. My grandmother, on the other hand, made sure I have a proper packed lunch, a jug of clean water and enough snacks so I won’t have to buy anything in school. Sometimes she’ll pack me an extra snack to share with my friends.

Oh, just the thought of snacks is giving massive nostalgia. How I miss those simple, carefree days! And with that thought came an idea. Why not find the snacks I so loved as a 90’s kid? So I did and sadly, I could not find all but I did find the following:

Zest-O and Jungle Juice

There were two juice drinks that kids love back then. First is Zest-O which comes in various flavours but apple and orange were my favourites. The second was Jungle Juice which has a straw attached making it easier to drink.


You probably know Chuckie better. But before him, there was Chocolait.

Curly Tops, Flat Tops, Chocnut and Serg’s

When there was still a sari-sari store in our village, I would always buyCurly Tops. Flat Tops, Chocnut or Serg’s. As we all know, the first three are still in the market. What about Serge’s candy bar? Well, I did research that before but Pepper.ph recently wrote a post about it – Whatever Happened to Serg’s Chocolates?

If they revive Serge’s Chocolates, pretty sure it will be on the top of my list along with Chocnut. They’re both simply delicious and there’s just so much nostalgia there.

Yan Yan and Knick Knacks

These two are great companions whenever I’m watching shows like Hikari Sentai Maskman on IBC-13. They’re also very fun to eat. This pack of Yan Yan has a couple of breadsticks inside. You take one then dip it in chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. Or, you can just eat the breadsticks which are delicious on its own. Then just spoon out the dip and enjoy. 🙂


When I’ve eaten too many sweets, I would eat a bag of Snacku, a rice cracker sprinkled with vegetable powder. Oh, just saying the name reminds me of Xena: Warrior Princess and The Adventures of Sinbad.

Gosh! Have you seen the shows I mentioned – Hikari Sentai Maskman, Xena: Warrior Princess and The Adventures of Sinbad? If no, then sorry for being old. If yes, then we’re both old! 🙂 Points for the old people!!!

Oh, memories! Anyway, when I was searching for these snacks I also found some new ones. I’m currently in love with the following:

Cal Cheese

I’m not actually a fan of cheese but I keep hearing The Bald Baker PH says it’s really good. So when I saw it in the grocery store, I grabbed one. Boy was I disappointed! I should have bought a lot! 😭

Cream-O Choco’ n Berries

Well, Cream-O has been around for a long time but they are now offering a huge variety which includes Crinkles and Chocolate Chip.

Enerlife’s Mine Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

There was a phase where I went gaga over Jack n Jill’s Hello Wafers. Now, I’m all for Enerlife’s Mine Hazelnut Chocolate Bar. I actually discovered this early this year and once in a while I’ll buy a box of this (contains 12 bars) and share with my younger cousins. It’s good. You should try it.

What about you? If we’re the same age or older, what’s your favourite childhood snack? Is there something you want to recommend? Comment down below and I will find that snack!

Happy eating!

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  1. […] and Packaging Corporation, a Philippine-based company created the candy bar Choc Nut. This popular children’s snack has peanuts, sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder, and […]


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