April 2019 Blog Roundup + Welcoming May

Buenas! Quetal man ustedes?

Bueno man? 🙂

Before we bid April farewell, let me share with you what I did that month.

Wait a minute! I just realized that I didn’t have a lot of activities outside work mainly because the summer heat came early. You know what? People should really stop calling it summer because we don’t have the other three seasons – spring, fall (autumn), and winter. As far as I know, the only seasons in the Philippines are Wet, Dry and Christmas season! 😉

Oh! This reminds me that I did discover some food and drinks to help me beat the heat. First is the Nobrelli Ice cream. I got to try their Black Forest and Pistachio flavors. My favorite is this one! It’s really good. I purchased mine at Mercury Drug but I did see the brand at The Landmark Supermarket.

Not a fan of ice cream? How about Joy Black Gulaman and Milk Tea Gulaman which are available at 7-Eleven stores. Take note, they’re almost always out of stock. So keep your eyes peeled.

Worried about the calories? Then enjoy a cold glass of Turmeric Calamansi Drink from Robinson’s Supermarket Healthy You line. They also have Lavender Lemon Iced Tea. They’re both delicious but make sure to add some chia seed and flax seeds while you’re at it.

Blog Posts

Besides my regular food posts such as Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar, Torimomo and K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes, I have posted some entry under my very own Blogger’s Note section.

You see, someone approached me to ask if my glasses are just for show. Just because it’s stylish or colorful? Seriously! The last thing I want is people ask me if my glasses are just for show. There are people in this world who doesn’t have good eyesight, okay? 🤓

Now let’s move to my film reviews. I mentioned many times before that I will soon be writing reviews again. But since I was and still busy with work, I was only able to write two, well technically just one. That is the review for Captain marvel.

I did; however, manage to write a Spoiler-Free review on Avengers: Endgame. Since I still can’t get over the last entry in The Infinity Saga, I decided to write my feelings down. *crying again It’s titled “To the Biggest Cinematic Saga Ever Told”.

Lastly, we have a new post under our FoodieViewsPH section “Exploring Cambodia’s Spectacular Temples”. Hope you can check that out too.

May Plans

I have an two events this month actually but I had to back out on the second one. The first event is set this week so expect a blog as well as a vlog. Make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to get updates.

For now, I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and watching my videos!

Let me know your thoughts on the comment section below.


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