K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes Brings Baguio Closer To You

The summer heat is really intense. As much as I would like to visit one of the coolest places in the country like Baguio, I could not because of the massive amount of work I have at the moment. Good thing there’s a place in Quezon City that will remind you of the City of Pines called K&L Cafe.

Bringing Baguio Closer To You

K&L stands for the owners  – Karen and Loren. These lovely sisters are 100% Kapampangans but grew up in the City of Pines. Having the love, enthusiasm and passion for sweets, the sisters originally opened Blushing Cupcakes, an online dessert shop. Wanting to expand their offerings, the sisters decided to open up a new shop which everyone knows as the K&L Cafe.

This space is where they showcase everything that reminds them of their home from the feel all the way to the food. In fact, you can buy Baguio-crafted products here such as peanut brittle, strawberry jam, ube jam even walis tambo. It’s also worth mentioning that K&L Cafe tries to incorporate their favourite ingredients from Baguio in the menu.

Wanna know what we tried here?

Creamy Pesto Bacon Pasta

Ilocos Bagnet with Tomato Salsa

Bacon Mushroom Alfredo

Lemonade with Sagada Orange and Baguio Honey & Calamansi Iced Tea

What’s our favourite, you ask? Well, all the dishes we ordered were good especially the Ilocos Bagnet. But what really caught my taste buds were the drinks.

The Baguio Honey & Calamansi Iced Tea and the Lemonade with Sagada Orange are perfect for the hot weather we’re all experiencing. Though the former tasted familiar, I enjoyed the flavours. The Lemonade with Sagada Orange, on the other hand, was new to me but it’s very refreshing.

Will we come back? Though we don’t live near the area, we definitely will. K&L Cafe has this homey and relaxing feel. Their place is very clean and well-ventilated. They also have a variety of interesting dishes; not to mention, desserts.

Next time we will definitely try their cakes. Remember when I said that they initially started with Blushing Cupcakes? I’ve tasted their cupcakes before and I really loved it. Pretty sure their cakes taste great!

Want to give them a visit?

You can find K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes at Ching Santos Building, 138 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
Happy eating!

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