Cool 7-Eleven Finds: Joy Black Gulaman and Milk Tea Gulaman

It’s hot, isn’t? I thought only ice cream and other frozen desserts can beat the summer heat. But every visit at 7-Eleven allowed me to discover many great finds that are perfect for the hot weather.

They have City Blends the honest-to-goodness coffee, Slurpee, Fundae, and other items such as Joy Black Gulaman. I’m pretty sure you’ve tried eating at siomai stalls at MRT stations and malls. Have you tried the black gulaman drink they offer? I found a bottle of that delicious Pinoy favourite at 7-Eleven.

Recently, I found out that they also offer Milk Tea Gulaman and Pandan drinks. I am not a fan of Panda (sorry) so I bought the former. Both Joy Black Gulaman and Milk Tea Gulaman contains a small amount of jelly. Although, I wish they’d add a little bit more.

Anyway, these drinks are great thirst quenchers. Just make sure to put a lot of ice in a tall glass then pour whichever drink you desire. My favourite is Black Gulaman. It’s quite sweet, to be honest, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging in some sugary drinks once in a while. The Milk Tea Gulaman, on the other hand, was not quite sweet for me. But that’s quite alright because it still tastes good.

Want to try these drinks? They’re very affordable and available at 7-Eleven branches.


3 responses to “Cool 7-Eleven Finds: Joy Black Gulaman and Milk Tea Gulaman”

  1. Yaaay!!! Looks good!


    1. Masarap yung Black Gulaman nila. 🙂


  2. […] a fan of ice cream? How about Joy Black Gulaman and Milk Tea Gulaman which are available at 7-Eleven stores. Take note, they’re almost always out of stock. So keep […]


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