Hello Summer, Hello Flavored Ice Halo-Halo by Ombu Kusina

Hello Summer, Hello Flavored Ice Halo-Halo by Ombu Kusina

Do you have a love-hate relationship with summer like I do? Well, I have good news for you! Ombu Kusina just launched their summer menu which includes their new flavored ice halo-halo series!

Last weekend, I attended Ombu Kusina’s summer food-tasting event along with other foodies and bloggers. This modern Filipino restaurant at the Sequoia Hotel features a cosy ambiance but on that day it was turned into a summer haven.

Want a glimpse? Here’s a short video!

As Ombu Kusina’s chef Mark Griffin Oraiz said in the video, they do have new dishes to offer this summer including their flavored ice halo-halo series. Yes, you read that correctly. Ombu Kusina’s halo-halo is made of flavored ice making sure every taste is a delight.

Now for the flavors. The modern Filipino restaurant did not disappoint. They are offering three summer flavors – Tres Leches, Mango, and Milktea!

The Tres Leches is the crowd favorite. I was able to taste all three and I can confirm that this is the best flavor. However, that does not mean the other two are no good. Each flavor targets different taste buds.

Summer is here. Enjoy Ombu Kusina’s Milktea, Mango, and Tres Leches Halo-Halo!

If you want a creamy one, then you should clearly get the Tres Leches. Craving for something sweet? You will love their Mango halo-halo which is made of FRESH mango puree. Are you a milk tea lover? Yes, they have that, too! Their cool and refreshing Milktea halo-halo is made of earl grey tea.

Besides their seasonal dessert, you can also enjoy these new dishes!

Suzi Wong Sandwich

Each layer of this sandwich is filled with ham, pickles, and cheesy goodness. You can pair this sandwich with the crunchy camote chips.

Tinapa Croquette

I love tinapa and I also love their Tinapa Croquette. The delightful smoky flavor and crispy breading keep me coming back for more.

Three Cheese Pizza

Yes, nothing beats cheesy goodness especially if there are three of them!

Arroz Caldo

Their Arroz Caldo is slightly different, in a very good way. The flavors and the egg especially when you add the Tokwa’t Baboy screams the perfect comfort food.

Oh, I can’t wait to come back at Ombu Kusina. I think my family especially my abuelita (grandmother) would love that Suzi Wong Sandwich, Arroz Caldo, and Tres Leches halo-halo. Would you like some halo-halo, too?

Yes? Then visit Ombu Kusina at the ground floor of Sequoia Hotel, 91-93 Mother Ignacia Corner Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City. You can also use my code VIPClarisays to get 10% off on your total bill. I guess the question now is, which flavor will you choose?

Comment down below! 🙂

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
Happy eating!
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